College skincare


Breakouts are the worst. No matter what you do, its always hard to maintain healthy, clean skin. No matter how many times I wash my face, or put acne medication on, my zits don’t go away!!

Skincare can get really expensive, and as we all know, money runs thin in the college lifestyle. In addition, the chemicals in store bought acne products can be really harsh on your skin. The best way to go about these problems is easy: natural and cheap skincare solutions.

The top 4 cheap natural skin care products:

1. Coconut Oil:

Its a great way to cleanse your skin. Its a natural makeup remover. Its a great moisturizer. The best thing about it? 16oz of organic virgin coconut oil from Trader Joes is only $9.95. This multipurpose product can be transformed into a body scrub, a hair moisturizer, or an alternative to oil and butter.

2. Witch Hazel:

Its a natural toner. Not only does it help balance your pH, but it fights bacteria, skin sores, bruising, redness and swelling, ingrown hairs, eczema, and sun spots. A 12 oz bottle of Thayers natural witch hazel is only $10.95 at target. 

3. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Its a great way to balance pH, kill acne and bacteria, and dissolve oil, makeup, and dead skin cells. It helps lighten sun spots and scars. Apple cider vinegar also helps bloating- take a teaspoon with 8oz of water every morning. 32oz of Braggs organic apple cider vinegar is only 7$ on Amazon. 

4. Honey:

Honey is a natural antibacterial product. It also helps prevent and cure acne. Its also known as a great anti-aging product. It can clarify skin by opening up pores, allowing better cleaning after a honey mask. Its an incredible moisturizer and helps brighten skin, creating a soft glow.  Nature Nate’s organic and raw honey is only $14.99 when you order off amazon. So stop wasting money on chemicals that are harsh to your skin!! Natural, multipurpose remedies are the way to go. Goodbye acne, hello glow!


Isabel Murphy

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