The words “group project” strike fear into the hearts of students everywhere. There’s good reason for it, especially when the groups are assigned. There are a few types of people that appear in every group project; here’s just a few of the more troublesome ones:

The Boss

This is the person that is super motivated to do well on the project, which is great. Except they constantly tell everyone else what do. Their superiority complex gets old fast, even if they do know what they’re talking about. They often end up re-doing what they had you do. Maybe you didn’t do something as well as they wanted. Maybe the other group members don’t work fast enough for them. Though the project will get done and you will probably get an A, the drama involved was more trouble than the grade is worth.

HermioneThe Slacker

This is the person you didn’t even realize was in your class; they’ve never bothered to show up. They may say they’ll do their part of the project, but the most you should expect is that they’ll put their name on it. Depending on your professor, their lack of effort will either drop your grade or get you some sympathy points.The Breakfast Club

The Dreamer

This is the person who’s got a plenty of great ideas for the group project, but isn’t motivated and has no feasible way to implement these ideas. Sure, the plans they’re talking about may be awesome, but there’s no way any of that is going to happen. Especially not with their lack of work ethic.Tangled

The Individual

This is the person who just wants to be told what their part is so they can get it done. They’d rather work on their own, and really the only reason they’re participating in the group project right now is so the work can get divided up. Then they can get back to what they like best: being by themselves. This person is great once the project gets going, but don’t expect them to initiate anything.introvert in a group project

These members may cause you trouble, but hopefully your professor will take pity on you. Good luck with your project, whichever group member you may be stuck with. 

Adelaide Risberg

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