Thoughts Every College Student has During Class

We’re all stuck asking the same question…”Is this worth it?”

1. Why am I paying so much money for this

We are all struggling to keep our eyes open while the professor goes on and on about their own research, all the while staring into our empty bank accounts, wondering why we are here.

2. I could be sleeping right now

I got up for this. I got dressed for this. I should really stay awake but sleep sounds so…much…better…

3. If I sit in the front I’ll do better but I’ll also have to pay attention

I could force myself to be a good, attentive student, or I could go ahead set myself up for a more comfortable failure? I’ll choose the latter.

4. I bet this professor has no romance in their life

Can you imagine how boring they are when they’re not being paid to talk to people.

5. I’m too hungry to focus

Do you think the people next to me can hear my stomach? I should just leave now to avoid confrontation.

6. I’ll learn this material later

Just like I said I would learn yesterday’s material today. And last weeks…

7. If we don’t get out early I’m just going to leave

I pay for this crap so I can do what I want, right?

8. Should I just drop out?

I’ve already lost 10 years of my life from the stress so I’m really doing myself a disservice by staying enrolled. Plus mom could really use some help around the house back home…

9. I should probably buy the textbook

Probably should have done that approximately 16 weeks before finals week but here we are.

10. Starting tomorrow I’m going to really work hard on my grades

Just like I said I would every week for the past year! But this time I mean it! 

11. Thank God participation quizzes are completion grades

I can’t imagine actually knowing the material well enough to get these questions right when it’s not exam time. I can’t even imagine getting them right at that point either.


Each week is a cycle of repeating these negative, pessimistic thoughts. “When will it end?”


Sydney Hineline

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