Nobody likes being sick, but sometimes it is inevitable. College is not like home so students do not have their parents to take care of them with homemade soups and all. Supplies are limited and people need to learn how to take advantage of the resources around. Winter is coming and the flu season will definitely come. People will catch colds and here are ways to learn how to cope with sickness.

Visit the Student Health Center

Every college campus has a student health center where they give over the counter medications. You can even visit the doctor if you think your sickness is severe. The visit will depend on your insurance but can range from $15 to $50 per visit. Visit the pharmacy and purchase some cough drops and cold medications. Some favorites are Halls cough drops and Nyquil. Taking medication before you sleep is extremely important since the last few things done that night will cycle around your body and brain. After all, the medication costs under $10. For health and body, that is a very cheap price to pay.

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Avoid all greasy and oily food. The main thing you should consume is soup or porridge. Warm weather is extremely soothing for the throat. The school’s dining hall and cafeteria always serve soup. Drink at least 2 bowls of soup since that would be your main course. Being sick may take away your appetite, but you still need to eat as food provides nutrients for the body. Do not avoid eating because your body will not have enough energy for the immune system to fight off the cold. Also, do not drink any cold stuff. This includes iced drinks and ice-cream. Yes, ice-cream.

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This may be a hard one, since people who are sick lack energy. However, exercise, like always, will be beneficial to the body. The fat, oils, and all the unwanted minerals will slowly be released outside the human body. This will speed up the recovery process. Sometimes if you reach a certain level of exercise your body will override the sickness, causing it to feel like you have overcome the sickness for a brief period of time.

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Being sick in college is unfortunately not a valid excuse to miss exams or finals. If you are physically able to walk to your class, then most professors will not excuse you. Attending the doctor’s office will not excuse you either because the doctor needs to purposely write an excuse note. So the best advice is to suck it up and try your best.

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People will always get sick and it is definitely unpredictable. The best option is to prepare for the worst and expect the best.



Andy Xiang

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