You probably are living comfortably in your dorm, but here are some items that you might not have known about that make your life easier. 🙂

1. Hooks:

These can be useful for hanging your jackets, coats, and backpacks. Instead of having to rummage through your closet for any items that required to be hung but you constantly need access to, just pick up one of these. Also, it prevents annoying visitors from stepping on your backpack all the time if you leave your backpack on the floor a lot.Image result for wall hooks


2. Wooden Alarm Clock:

Now most of you may already have an alarm clock. However, assuming that your bunk beds are made of wood, getting a stylish wooden alarm clock such as this one will make it harder for you to slam the snooze button as it is cleverly camouflaged with your bunk. This will increase the chance of you actually getting up for class.Image result for wooden alarm clock

3. Extra Bottles of Febreeze:

You can’t predict how your room is going to smell overtime. Whether it’s because your roommate has really bad body odor or because your dorm has bad ventilation, you better be armed when bad odors come wafting inside.Image result for febreze

4.Memory Foam Pad:

These are super comfortable and will make you love sleeping in your dorm. If you don’t have one yet for your mattress, GRAB ON NOW! You will no longer want to stay up later than you if to if you are able to sink into a warm, fluffy, surface and let your worries melt away.Image result for memory foam pad

5. Gel Sleeping Mask:

In addition to a comfortable foam pad, your sleep experience in your dorm will be greatly improved with a gel sleeping mask. With a squishy liquid substance inside either a smooth plastic or fabric, this mask will provide a soothing feeling to your face, setting you in a calm state of mind.Image result for gel sleeping mask


Jonathan Liu

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