Quarter one of the academic year has ended and many students are starting to plan out their schedules. The one thing that each student ask themselves is “What classes should I take”. We all know what classes are required for students’ majors. However, students are always trying to find the perfect balance between academic course load and difficulty of the courses.

Asking around

Always friends advice on which classes to definitely take and which classes to avoid. Sometimes asking just once could save you a whole lot of stress and workload. Also, always try to ask people who have already taken the class or is currently taking the class. They have the most credible and reliable say. The rule is simple, if the majority thinks the class is easy you should take it. If not, then avoid the class.

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Rate my Professor

The site “” is used by every college student. Sometimes there are classes that many do not know about. There are also people who have do not have anyone to ask so this source is essentially the only resort. The motive of students rating their professors is for 1) To be heard by others and 2) to fire or promote the professor. If nobody takes the class, then the professor will have no class to teach; therefore, be called for removal. However, if the professor is awesome then the students will always select that class to attend. Then the professor will keep their job.

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Plan Ahead

If you attend a public university, it is essential to plan ahead as there are too many students. It is an extremely common problem for students to not be able to register their necessary classes because the waitlist is too long or the class course is always ahead. Once the registration portal opens, simply insert your planned classes in one go. That way you save time and have a better chance of getting your desired classes.

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Make a Plan B

There are times where you may not always get all the classes you want. This is why many students make 2 term plans. 1 is their Plan A which is their desired schedule. However, since there are many students and potential unforeseen circumstances, Students devise a plan B. This is your classes we are talking about. Your 10 weeks of academics studying and GPA is at stake.

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Take 1 or 2 “easy” Classes

Sometimes issues will arise up and the easy classes can be a life-saving cushion to fall back on. For instance, a class could be more difficult than expected or you are behind in your school activities or even family issues can unfortunately arise. Whatever the reason is, 1 or 2 easy classes are nice to have as they will provide less stress and work.

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Andy Xiang

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