Most seniors are having the time of their lives right now. Some are bored and many teachers are spoiling the seniors. However, as bored and relaxed students may be, a whole new life is about to begin and now would be the perfect time to start preparing for the future. Time is precious and being proactive now will make your future not only easier but also successful.

Find Jobs and Internships

After senior year, your summer will most likely be entirely free. Students can pick anything to do. Develop a new skill, attend community college, or work; the possibilities are endless as there are no restrictions. A good idea would be to start working and gaining work experience as it can help you with your career. Plus, college is expensive so that extra cash is nice to have.

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Plan for Your Future

The college will be a fast-paced and busy time. It will be one of the most fun and stressful time of your life. You would want a detailed plan as to which profession you want to head to and what necessary steps you need to take to achieve in doing so. Questions like What GPA do I need? What exams do I need to take? What are the mandatory courses? When do people usually find internships?

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Start Helping Younger Generations

You’re a senior now and about to leave high school. Give some guidance to Freshmen, Sophomores or even Juniors. They are all lost like many people and giving them tips gives you a good. Who knows maybe they will offer you something in the future.
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Study Hard

Though most colleges do not look at senior year grades, you never know what will happen. You may be waitlisted and the college can request for your senior grades. Some students may not receive any good college offers and will plan transfer. As a result, senior grades can matter to some colleges as colleges look at every year’s grade among transfer students. High School may seem easy or hard to many. However, in accredited universities, there are few easy A courses. College courses are almost at the same level or even a higher level of many AP courses. The journey is only about to begin.

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Build Connections

Most seniors are considered as mature or even “adults”. This means you can talk to your teacher in a professional manner and almost see each other on the same level. Though students are considered as young adults, the professionalism starts here. Conversations such as college educations, jobs, and careers are apparent throughout. Some teachers are far into their careers and know many people. They can give strong career advice and possibly even offer you jobs!

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It is important to have a fun time as your last year in college. However, remember to be serious about your future. There will be many challenges and shortcomings so it is always extremely important to use your time wisely and plan ahead!



Andy Xiang

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