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Penn State is a beautiful campus, but it is enormous. This size is good for all the opportunities to meet people and go places, but it can be tiring to travel. Because of this, each student has their own preferences for transportation. Here are some travel options students here take in order to get to class on time:

1. Walking (Occasionally Running)

Students get their daily dose of exercise by walking from building to building, leaving them happy and healthy. Since many students don’t have a car on campus, there are a ton of people on the sidewalks. You’ll even notice the same people walking the same pathway you take every day, so you can form the occasional “nod and smile” friendships. Walking never disappointed anyone, well unless they overslept and have to sprint across campus in the harsh, Pennsylvania winter weather; yikes!


2. The Blue Loop or White Loop

Penn State has a free bus system that transports students around campus in a continuous loop. They keep the buses clean and warm, especially during the winter season. Students can sit back and relax before they have to start studying again. Check out the CATA app to see which buses are active, their location, and even how many people are currently on the buses!


3. Zagster Bikes

Forgot your bike at home? No worries, Penn State has Zagster Bikes, a rent-a-bike system. Students can buy a membership on the Zagster app for $25 annually or $3 an hour. When they’re done with the bike, students can lock them at convenient Zagster bike stations located all over campus. If you use the bike for less than an hour it’s free!


4. Lion Chariot Man 

Vamos! Lion Chariot is a tour system that takes people all over campus via chariot. Their goal is to make sure people leave with a big smile. With their joyful atmosphere of music, good conversations, and high fives, they leave people in a great mood. During game days, you can see them all dressed up in blue and white, blasting Penn State-themed pep songs, and spreading cheer to all they pass by. No wonder Penn State’s nickname is Happy Valley.


5. Unicycle 

Some students show their originality through their choice of transportation. It is definitely more entertaining than walking and can be stored easily. Maybe they are trying to reduce their carbon footprint; maybe they just want to show off their mad skills.

giphy (5)

6. Hoverboard

Tired of getting caught behind slow students walking to class. Just zip right past them on your Marty Mcfly inspired board. You’ll get to class on time and feel cool while getting there. It is also a great conversation starter when you bring in your hoverboard to class with curious eyes staring at it and occasional people attempting to try it out. Maybe your professor might even want to give it a spin.


7. Car  

Students that have 29.5 approved credits have the opportunity to keep their car on campus. It is always nice to have your car with you, it’s like a little piece of home. Students can now casually drive past the crowd of freshmen walking to class; maybe they’ll be nice enough to offer a ride.

giphy (4)

With these options, students have many ways to get to class on time that best fit their preference. This campus is big, but these transportation choices make travel very easy. This results in more opportunities to learn and explore what Penn State has to offer. Now students don’t have any excuses to skip class because of a far destination.



Ally Zukowski

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