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When looking at the data, it is clear that Asians are some of the highest performers. In fact, their scores are increasing on average by the year. In relations, college admission is getting more competitive each year. With higher educational standards and standardized test scores, the question is constantly popping up: Does ethnicity affect your admission? My answer is no because whites and Asians have the highest academic scores meaning they should be the majority of people in Universities, in which they are.

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When Asian- Americans take part in the education system

Given the upward trend in Asian- Americans academic scores, there may come a day when Asians or Whites far exceed the majority of other ethnicities. Though does that mean colleges should mainly accept Asians and Whites? In reality, that is already happening in some schools.Take UCLA for example, “the nearly 25,300 U.S undergraduates there, about 39% are Asian American or Pacific Islander, 31% are white, 20% are Latino and 4% are black.” (Fall 2014 Statistics) Many schools are trying to make themselves as diverse as possible. However, no school is willing to put diversity above academic performance. Unless other ethnicities can improve their test scores or tell some moving story in their personal statement, the admissions system will hardly change.

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The Solution

The answer to this dilemma should be easy. Simply do not ask any race or ethnicity questions on the college application. That way, there will be no definite way to determine a person’s color.  However few colleges will go through this solution as their results may ruin their reputation. Colleges should then require students to report their ethnicity once they had made their admission decision. Therefore, there is no possible way for college admission people to discriminate based on race.

If a colleges avoid all ethnicity questions and the majority admitted ends up being 80% Asians, the entire world will think they discriminate against other race despite the fact of ignoring ethnicity in the admissions process. A school’s outer image is extremely important and no school would want to end up showing discrimination.

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So when we go back to the question: Are Asians Americans held to a higher standard? Asians only make up 5 percent of the world but make up the majority in many top tier Universities. The numbers already prove that higher test scores among Asians will most likely increase their admission chances. Please do not forget that Universities take strong consideration in your personality, extracurriculars, and passion. If you are an Asian who think you won’t get accepted because of your ethnicity. Simply do not indicate your ethnicity on your application as some colleges will allow that. Otherwise, try your very best. Good luck!




Andy Xiang

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