Many college students have just finished completing their final exams and professors are currently grading their exams. Some are very scared and worried about their grades they will receive. Students are paying over thousands of dollars and have invested over hundreds of hours and it all comes down to this. A letter will determine your knowledge of this subject and this can be too burdensome. There is, fortunately, a relief to this.

Talk it Out

Keeping all that stress and burden inside you is never a good idea. You should try talking about your problems with your parents and friends. Your parents will fully understand the situation as they may have gone through college and struggles of waiting for a grade. Friends of your age will all share similar challenges as they could be waiting for their grades also. Sometimes people just need to release all that stress away and struggle not alone but together.

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Find a Hobby

Try keeping your mind distracted by doing something you enjoy. It could be playing tennis, guitar, drawing, or whatever hobby that may interest you. Keeping your mind off your worries and enjoying the free time you have. After all, once this break is over, the cycle of going back to class will begin once again. Plus, becoming good at a hobby is a wonderful skill to have. It makes up your personality and adds character.

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Sleep and Relax

Many students just had a very stressful and busy quarter. Students may be staying up and studying all day and they earned a well-deserved break. Try relaxing by watching a lot of television and catching up on your favorite tv shows. College students tend to become behind in their television shows as many of their time is being spent on their heavy academic coursework. Sleep is always essential and now that you are on break. You can sleep in all you want. There are no more 8 A.M. classes that you have to attend!

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Enjoy your break

Go out with friends, spend time with family, relax! A break in college is a break. You are at one of your prime stages of your life. There are friends everywhere and people are constantly trying to form social relationships at this age. You have been studying hard at school and now is time to relax and play hard. A good old saying says “study hard and play hard”. Enjoy the free moment you have as you will have to go back to school in a few weeks.

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Waiting for grades to come out is surely a stressful thing. GPA and academic grades will surely determine your overall GPA and how future employers will look at you. Once a grade is stated on the transcript then it will be forever there. After all, students paid over thousands of dollars to attend college.


Andy Xiang

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