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College in today’s society can certainly be extremely competitive and there is no doubt that many students will not enter their dream school. There will always be alternative routes and many shortcomings. Some students will want to transfer to a better college and there are a few considerations to take before transferring.


Some universities will not guarantee you any housing. As a result, you have to find an apartment or place to live in while you attend school. You do not want to live too far as it can be an extreme hassle to attend school. You would also need to take consideration of safety and noises such as trains or airplanes. If you get admitted late as a transfer student you may have many challenges in finding a place to live in the campus apartments and other locations are already occupied.

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Sometimes your admitted major will not be as prestigious as you expect. Each university has its own strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if you enter as an Economics major but the school’s economics majors is as proactive and engaging as you want it to be. As a result, you may switch to a different major such as Business which is somewhat similar to major but offers a much stronger program. Every school’s academic difficulty will vary.

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Once you attend a new school, you will have to find your new classes and adapt to the social life there. You would need to find places to eat and where to shop. You are essentially living in a new area and you have to find all these new places that you never knew off. Surely this will take some of your time and have a few friends will always help as they know the most efficient methods of getting things done.

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This is common at every new college. You have to make new friends once again. As a transfer students, many people have already formed social groups. Plus, they have a few years of history and relationships to add on. You would probably have a hard time joining people’s social groups as you are the new member. However, if you are a very socially active and friendly person, that would not be a problem for you.

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Transfering to a new college can certainly provide many benefits such as a better education or cheaper tuition. However, adapting is never easy and being in a new place means you have to learn about the new system and adapt to the new lifestyle there. However, if you believe the benefits of you transferring outweigh the costs, then by all means.



Andy Xiang

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