It’s the start of your second semester. Your brief short weeks of carefree relaxation with friends and family has come to a quick end. Was it really 3 weeks you ask? It felt more like just a few days. Either way, winter break is over. It is time to get back to work. With new professors and classes, hopefully you are planning for a productive new year. Here are some tips that may help.

1. Take It Slow                   

While you may not necessarily achieve the relaxation of a turtle on a beach, the point is, you approach your work with a relaxed manner. You recovering from winter break, a period where you did virtually nothing. Studying too hard for the first too days may mentally break you down and may temporarily lower your max brain performance. If you can get your mind to progressively work harder instead of working it too hard at the start, you will see better results.

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2. Get More Sleep                                       

It is crucial to start getting more sleep, especially on your first few days back. You should attempt to aim for around 8-10 hours of sleep per day and waking up early. Hopefully you can undo the damage that pulling multiple all-nighters during winter break did to your sleep schedule. If you can control your sleep schedule, then you will feel more energized during class and have less of a risk of falling asleep. However, if you professor is super boring, this tip won’t help.

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3. Get To Know Your Professors ASAP

Each professor class is like his or her little kingdom. Your professors give out assignments and grade them based on their own standards. You should meet up with your professors as soon as possible to create relationships with them. It is a good idea to know the personality and teaching style of your professors so you can adjust your studying habits accordingly to succeed in their classes.

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4. Plan Your Personal Schedule Based On Your Class Schedule

It is time to get serious. No more waking up whenever you want and doing whatever you want. Your time is now quite limited. You should take a look at your class schedule, and then plan your daily routine based on it. Make sure to include ample time for extra studying on the classes you think are hard, but try to include some free time activities to let your brain rest and recover.


5. Remove Immediate Distractions

You probably still wanna top your friend’s Doodle Jump score or you are just super eager to reply every text message, however, DON’T. Try to keep distractions to a minimum and spend as little idle time as possible. Whether it be binge watching Youtube vids or endlessly surfing through Instagram photos, hopefully you realize that too much of this will harm your attention spam which prevents you from focusing on studies for long periods of time. It is still important to take rest breaks, but too much rest becomes aimless idling.

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Hopefully with these tips, you feel ready to take on the new semester. Just remember as long as you keep at it, good habits will form eventually, allowing you for an easier, less stressful studying experience. Learning is tough, but with the right techniques, your chance of passing your classes will be greatly increased.



Jonathan Liu

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