Some people just don’t like parties. We all have our reasons. Whether you simply don’t like people, don’t drink alcohol, go to a non-party school, or just can’t find a party, here are some alternatives you can do based on your situation.

1. Late Night Netflix

Grab a few of your friends and decide who has the largest TV in their dorm room. Then either choose a movie or TV show to spend the rest of the night watching. This is a great way to catch up on the latest episodes of the office, or finally convince that one friend who won’t watch horror movies to give them a try. If you guys do choose to watch horror films though, make sure you guys aren’t planning to go to bed at all.

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2. Board Game Night                                                                                                                 

Instead of partying, why not hone in your skills on popular board games or introduce yourself to other games you have never every heard of? Either join your friends for a casually game of Monopoly or, see if there are any board game events in your dorm that are being hosted. Perhaps you may even win a few small prizes after being destroying everyone else in your dorm. Just make sure to always play with good sportsmanship!

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3. Getting Ahead With Your Homework                            

While this may not be the most appealing of options, this is still a valid alternative to partying. With extra time spent on homework, you will be able to catch up on any classes that you are struggling with and maybe even be able to help your friends who are also struggling. Perhaps you may just want to sacrifice only a few parties for extra studying just before tests. Either way, lets just make sure that parties are not the reason that it takes you longer to graduate.

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4. Alcohol With Friends

You may not like parties for various reasons, but maybe alcohol is not why. Just gather a few friends in your dorm to enjoy your secret alcohol stash. With a more secluded and perhaps a more casual setting depending on the personalities of your friends, you guys can sit back and relax and share with each other your deepest and darkest secrets. Just be aware that any promises that your friends may have made while intoxicated may not be kept.

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5. Video Game Night               

Grab a few of your gamer friends and have a video game night! Video games are a less harmful way than getting wasted at parties to temporarily escape reality. Depending on the games you play, you can drive exotic cars, go on a mad killing spree against zombies, or participate in tactical death matches against other players online. With the right games, it shouldn’t be hard to enjoy hours and hours of fun.

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Hopefully with these ideas, you can widen your variety of different ways to spend the night. If somehow you couldn’t find any parties tonight because you don’t know anyone who is hosting or recently got kicked out of one, you will still find ways to have fun. Perhaps once you have explored other options, you won’t even need parties anymore.



Jonathan Liu

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