Psychology is a very interesting subject and can be a very fun class, if you pick the right professor. Dr. Cindy McCrea is the very best Psychology professor at Boise State. The topic can be hard but a great teacher who uses the hands on learning technique can make the experience fun. Here are 3 important things to know about Dr. McCrea’s class:

1 . Attendance

Attendance is not mandatory, however if you go to every class it will benefit your grade in the end. Each class there is a 10 point quiz which counts for attendance. Dr. McCrea gives each student three free zeros, so you can technically miss three days of class before it will affect your grade. The best way to use this tool is to attend all or as many class days as possible, because then at the end of the semester, she will drop your three lowest quiz grades, making your overall grade higher.

2. Tests

There are no exams in this class. No tests, no midterms, no final, and no presentations, it is just a typically lecture. Dr. McCrea makes up for these point with the daily in class quizzes, and weekly writing assignments. The daily quizzes and not too hard, and are only over the past three weeks of material. Making flashcards after every lecture to look over before the next quiz is a helpful tool.

3. Critical Thinking Questions

There are weekly writing assignments called “Critical Thinking Questions”. Dr. McCrea gives a question based off of that week’s textbook readings. The CTQ’s take usually an hour to complete and are limited to one page. The questions given are meant to make the student think and use terms from the textbook. These writings are graded on the harder side, so if you want to do well, read the textbook and take your time on writing.

4. Participation

The best thing about this class is that participation is not required. You can go to class, and take notes, and ask questions, or you can go and play on your phone the whole hour. This is especially nice on those days when you aren’t feeling well or are too tired. The class holds about 250 students, so it is a fully lecture based class.

Overall this was a great class to take if you are even a little interested in Psychology. It is a glimpse at what psychology is really about. This class was exciting and fun to go to, always leaving with new knowledge, and something to think about. It is highly recommended. 


Sarah Austin

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