Boise State has tons of on campus food options for their students. However, once in a while it is good to get off campus, and treat yourself to some real food. Downtown Boise has many, many restaurants ranging from expensive, to cheap. There is something for everyone!

Tin Roof Tacos

Tin Roof Tacos is THE best place to have a quick bite to eat. They have many different types of street style tacos, and they are made in what seems like seconds. The tacos range from $1.50 to $2.50 per taco, and they also have the best churros.They have plenty of tables inside and a cute fire pit area outside. The chips and queso are to die for and a must have!



Chipotle is a college student staple. Located a short 7 min bike ride from BSU, chipotle is a good cheaper option when you are wanting to eat off campus. Chipotle has some cheaper options, like tacos, and even a kid’s meal, that can help you stay on the college budget. Chipotle is located in the same parking lot as Trader Joe’s which is a plus if you are looking for some snacks to keep in your room.


Cafe Zupas

Zupas is another cheaper option for off campus eating for Boise State students. They have mostly soups, salads, and sandwiches, so you can’t go wrong. A bonus is that every meal comes with a chocolate covered strawberry. The avocado turkey sandwich is the best they have to offer, and a must try!


Five Guys

Five Guys is the best burger place in town! It is located right across from the movie theater downtown, so is a great place to go before or after seeing the latest show. The key is to keep it simple at Five Guys, everything they have is fresh and local, so you can’t go wrong. The wait can sometimes be long, so think about calling in your order.



Fork is a bit of a splurge, and maybe somewhere you should take your parents on Parents Weekend. It is a very fancy restaurant, and not a place you can expect to be in and out of. They have won many awards for their food, and service. They have THE best butter cake. It is small, but can definitely feed the whole table.


In conclusion, if you are a student at Boise State, don’t feel like you have to stay on campus for every meal. There are plenty of places that are budget friendly, and more of a splurge, that you should check out. It is important to explore the city you are living in, and a good way to do that is by trying out the restaurants they have to offer.


Sarah Austin

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