Graduations are a time to celebrate. Quickly after, they may be followed by periods of depression, anxiety and confusion about next steps in life. Here are some changes you will face post graduation and ways to cope with them.

1- You Face Doom

Doom is a tragic word, yet, the post grad life is quite traumatizing . You have been in school for about 22 years. Going for a life where you suddenly need to be an adult, and where you don’t study for exams when you go back home can be a huge change your body will adjust to. Make sure you take some time off after college to be able to cope with this change gracefully and take some time to make important life decisions.

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2- A different pace

College life was filled with schedules and different kinds of responsibilities than the work life. Your pace might change with the change of responsibilities: you might feel that a regular 9-5 job offers you a routine that is different than all those nights you crammed for an exam. Pacing your schedule is crucial and making sure that work is done on time is also a skill to be acquired.

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3- Stress

You face stress in every stage in life in general. However, the kind of stress after college might hit you hard. Suddenly, you have to be your own caretaker and become someone who is reliable. There will be no professors who will tell you what to do! Make sure you practice self care, and balance work and rest in order to make sure your brain stays healthy.

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4- Different types of people

In college, you were able to avoid the people who were not nice to you and simply make new friends in class. What if you have to see people you dislike everyday at the workplace! That requires a different coping strategy that can be more stressful. Learning how to resolve conflict through conversation is an important skill to acquire.

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5-Time Management

You were able to afford slacking off in college: the worst consequence for your action was failing for a course you could retake. Post graduation, mastering time management is essential to get you going, paying rent and bills. So, no slacking off!

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6- You Dread Reunions

After graduation, you start to dread reunions that get you in the same room with people you went to high school with. Seeing people from your past might bring up some anxieties. You might ask yourself: am I doing well? Is where I am in life enough? To avoid such anxieties, own up to where you are in life. “Success” ought to be measured by how satisfied with your life you are.

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7-Money Budgeting

As a new adult, you will need to budget and monitor your expenses.  This was something that you didn’t really do in college. In order to stay on track, keep track of your expenses and make sure you are not spending what you don’t have.

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8-Telling the Truth

If telling the truth was not your thing in College, and if you usually went by okay with the “my dog ate my homework” lifestyle, this tactic won’t work anymore. In the workplace and in your future interactions you will need to be as clear, transparent and honest as possible. Your future employers will not really be fine with you being unreliable.

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9- Relocations

After College, with your newly gained freedom, you might want to reconsider relocating. Unless, of course, going back home is your thing. It will be very easy for you to relocate, move, travel and explore your interests after college, before you get stuck in a job that will commit your time, lifestyle and interest.

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10- Move!

If you had a sedentary lifestyle in college, you might want to consider amping your body. As an adult, you must not take health lightly. It is important to stay active in order to perform at your best.

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Graduating marks an important landmark in one’s life. Yet, it can still be frightening to face the world and starting to have real responsibilities.  Make sure you are prepared for the next steps in your life with mindful planning and patience!




Aya Cheaito

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