Seven Reasons to Take Advantage of Online Study Options

There are now plenty of online learning options that can offer you anything from a quick tutorial on something you need to do through to a full degree! Whether you are looking for a formal qualification, a new skill for your job, help with a task, or assistance with your studies at school, you can find all kinds of great resources online.

Of course, you can also use online learning simply to keep on boosting your knowledge and adding to your skills and attributes. Here are seven reasons why you should take advantage of online study and improve yourself!

Become More Employable

By using online study, you can add new strings to your bow that can make you a better candidate when it comes to jobs you want, whether now or in the future. While you may have the qualifications and experience that meet the requirements for a job, you could give yourself an edge by having done some extra training in something business related, for example some sales training (even if you are not a sales person, it can be worth it to find sales training courses online and gain those useful skills), or you may even be able to simply impress an employer by having taught yourself something in your spare time.

Being someone who can show they are interested in learning and constantly updating their skills is very attractive to just about all employers and using online resources to do this also shows that you can take the initiative rather than needing to be sent on a course or finding a teacher.

Learn What Interests You!

Have you ever really wished you could speak a certain language, or knew how to design a website, even though it has nothing to do with your educational course or job? With online learning you can put your time into learning the things you want to and getting the skills you have always wanted.

Of course, it is generally best to prioritize things that will help with your career or business, because that’s where you make your living, but if you have all that stuff under control, then learning something just for the fun of it or because it’s a skill you would like to have outside of your job can be really rewarding!

Achieve Things

It can be really rewarding to have gained a new skill or made progress on the way to a new qualification. Online courses that offer full certifications can definitely offer this, however you will find that some online learning resources designed for people to use to gain skills without being driven towards a given qualification, such as Khan Academy and Duolingo, use a kind of ‘gamification’ that helps you monitor your progress as well as giving you online achievements. It may not feel like they mean anything when you start, but it can be very addictive trying to gain them as you learn, and you’ll definitely enjoy the sense of achievement as you see your skills getting better!

Keep Your Learning Skills Active

Often, once people have finished studying for their educational qualifications or work skills, they feel like they lose the skills involved in studying itself over time. Then, when they come to need to learn something new for a career change, a promotion, or something else, they find it a lot harder.

By continuing to study things by using online courses and resources, you always keep the skills used to learn new things alive and stay in the habit of studying things and testing your skills. This is not only good for you should you ever need to formally study again but it is also thought to be a very good way to keep your mind active and healthy. Some scientists even think that doing this kind of thing will help keep your memory and brain function working at its best as you age, too. That may be a long way off if you are just starting out in your career or are still in school, but it is still a nice bonus to doing some online study when you can!

It Can Often be Free!

There are countless online learning resources that will teach you valuable skills for free. In the past it would have been almost impossible to learn to speak a foreign language without paying for a course, private lessons, or at the very least buying books and CDs, but these days it is freely available using apps and other online resources.

This means that you have a whole range of ways you could be learning all kinds of interesting, useful or career enhancing stuff, from programming in Python to speaking Japanese, without investing anything more than your time.

When It’s Not Free, It’s Cheaper Than Alternatives

There are some courses that are, of course, not free, such as online degree courses. However, when you do these, you still almost always end up paying far less for the qualification than if you went to a conventional university to do it. This can also be true of other kinds of study, for example professional training courses. You may pay thousands for a course in something like an IT discipline or in sales or management if you do it through a traditional training provider, whereas when you do it online you’ll be getting access to the same information and resources for a fraction of the price.

This is because the overheads of providing online courses are so much lower than providing classroom training. It means that a training provider or educational institution can provide the same level of education at a much lower price.

Learn at Your Own Pace, in Your Own Time

With other kinds of learning, it can be hard to schedule it around your life. Even night school can be hard for a lot of people, but with an online course or resource, you can work on it whenever you are free. This means it could be an opportunity for you to learn something you need, or would like to learn, when you may not otherwise be able to due to your working patterns or family commitments – or there simply not being a course available close to you.

The pace of learning can be another important thing. If you want to learn something you already have some knowledge of, it is easy to race to the advanced stuff without having to go at the same pace as a traditional course, or, if you are doing something where you know you already have something of a skills deficit, you have all the time you need to revise and work on things. This can make it a much better learning experience.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to keep on studying, and also good reasons why when you do, you should choose online resources over other means of receiving education or training. You can open yourself up to more opportunities and enjoy the experience, all while saving money and easily fitting it around your life. Why not think about what you’d like to learn and check out some of the options available for you to do it online today?

Zoe Price

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