Learning a language can be difficult, especially if the class is entirely spoken in Spanish. Here are 5 easy tips to ensure that you succeed in SPA152!

1. Go to class.

While this seems like a very simple task, it can be easy to decide to stay in bed for that extra hour of sleep. SPA152 is taught in a smaller class setting (usually only 20-30 students). This means that your professor knows you by name and will notice if you decide to skip class. Attendance is a factor in your final grade and could be the difference between a B and an A.

2. Speak up in class.

Participation is the key to success in this class! When determining your final grade, your professor will be looking back at his or her notes and remember whether you sat silently in the back of the room on your phone or made an effort to actively participate in class. An easy way to do this is to answer or ask a question at least once during every class.


3. Actually DO the homework.

If you are taking this class, you are probably very familiar with iLearn. This website gives you the option to click submit and it will give you the answers for your assignment. While it is tempting to just click through your homework questions and get a 100% within a few minutes, it is more beneficial in the long run to take the extra time and work through the questions yourself. This will save you some time studying for quizzes and exams because you will have a better overall understanding of the material.

4. Pay attention to the course calendar.

The syllabus is your life saver! There is an outline for the entire semester and you should use it! Rarely will your professor announce what assignments are due or when the next quiz will be. This means that it is crucial to pay attention to your course outline and write down important assignments, quizzes, and exams.

5. Connect with your professor.

Again, SPA152 is taught in a very small class setting compared to other classes at UB and you should use this to your advantage! Go to office hours, stay after class, send them an email! All of these things will help you build a relationship with your professor and he or she is more likely to give you a higher grade if they have had an open line of communication with you all semester.

So there it is! The big secret to getting an A in SPA152 at UBuffalo is simply to put in effort and participate in class! If you use these 5 tips, you are bound to succeed!

Hannah Jane Drake

Hey! My name is Hannah Jane and I am a student at the University at Buffalo! I am currently an English major with a minor in Spanish but I am considering a major change to Psychology. My ultimate goal is PA School (Physician Assistant)! I also am also a wrestler for UBWC and a proud member of true blue! Go Bulls!

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