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Recently, University at Buffalo has mandated a seminar class for all incoming freshman. The seminar class is chosen by the students from a list of possible choices. The purpose of this seminar is to expose college freshman to topics outside of their major and to help them transition into college. Here are some tips for choosing a freshman seminar at UBuffalo.

1. Pick a seminar as early as possible

Considering that the freshman seminar is a required elective, the most sought after classes get filled up relatively quickly. In order to ensure that you get the class that works best for you, make sure to choose a seminar as soon as possible. The seminars open up mid summer for the Fall semester and early November for the Spring semester, so check your email regularly to find out when you can sign up!

2. Choose a class that you find interesting

While the class that watches movies might sound easier than the class that writes a lot of papers, make sure that you choose a class that interests you. The point of the seminar is to explore topics that you may not of been exposed to in the past and to find new interests. Most freshman seminars aren’t too challenging. Try to choose a class that you want to know more about. Who knows, you mind end up changing your major because of that class!

3. Pay attention to the lecture times

Does the class meet for 3 hours once a week or 50 minutes 3 times a week? Is it early in the morning or late at night? These are questions that you may not think is important when you’re choosing a seminar but that will be in the forefront of your mind every time you head to class. Make sure to ask yourself what time frame is best for you and what kind of student you are.

4. Don’t wait for your advisor’s guidance

While your advisor may help you to make your first college schedule, they may not explain everything as thoroughly and you would like. The best course of action is to take initiative from the very beginning. Instead of waiting for your advisor’s guidance, try to look up what your options are and how to add the class to your schedule. This way, you can get this task out of the way and be fully prepared for making your schedule the next semester.

5. Take the class when it is recommended

As a University at Buffalo undergraduate student, you will have to deal with the freshman seminar credit at some point. Considering the purpose of this elective, it would be best to take it when you first become a UBuffalo student. If you decide to put it off and take it at a later time, you might find that it is harder to continue exploring this field of interest if you would like to do so. Also, all of the freshman seminars have small class sizes and can be a great way to make new friends at the beginning of your college career.

The freshman seminar is a great opportunity to explore your interests. It is a key part of student’s transition into University at Buffalo. With this being said, it is imperative that you consider these factors and choose the freshman seminar that works best for you.


Sabrina Goldman

I am a University at Buffalo student majoring in Physical Therapy. I love writing and am a member of the outdoor adventure club and the exercise science club.

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