With almost 30,000 students throughout all its campuses, SUNY at Buffalo is one interesting place to go to school. Here are 10 signs you go to SUNY at Buffalo.

  1. Geese rule at UB.

    Under federal migratory law, it will be illegal for the students to harm the birds or even try to move their nests. Every year, these UB fans leave north campus when it’s time for mother nature to throw 10 feet of snow at us and they come back at the end of spring semester when it’s mating season and to our surprise their hormone levels make them so insanely aggressive that the authorities have to send out warnings about staying out of their way. In some parking lots, yellow tape is used to mark the territory that a certain goose has decided to call home.  You know you go to UB when you take the long walking route because you’re terrified of being attacked by the geese on your way to class. And yes, they bark and hiss and flap their wings at you if you’re anywhere near their nests.

  2. Classes are still on when there’s 7 feet of snow.


    “Students often joke UB never closes, but it has a few times in the last decade. UB closed during Buffalo’s infamous October storm in 2006 and twice in 2014” – The Spectrum
    Winters are pretty in Buffalo and especially on Campus. It’s a winter wonderland. I have personally learned to love snow and its sparkly beauty because of attending UB. However, when there’s 7 feet of snow everywhere, it’s kind of extremely difficult to make it to the 7:30 AM chemistry lab or 8:00 AM engineering calculus. You’d think that UB loves us as much as we love them but nope, classes barely get cancelled. You know you go to SUNY at Buffalo when you put on your snowboarding or skiing gear to hike to class.

  3. 50 degrees is t-shirt weather.

    After every long, harsh winter, as soon as some sort of warm sun ray peeks through the clouds, UB students do not know how to act. The shorts and the t-shirts come out. Surely, we will have to put our north faces on for our 4:00 PM class but for the 30 minutes around lunch time when it’s kind of sort of warm, we will go outside with our blankets in t-shirts and shorts to sun bathe in 50-something degrees. You go to UB when you lie to yourself that it’s a beautiful spring day because it’s not as cold as it was yesterday.

  4. You’re back in High School when you’re trying to pass through the NSC between classes during the first and last weeks of the semester.

    Remember those days in High School when you had 5 minutes to get to your next class through the busy hallways and it was always a struggle because everyone was moving as slow as a snail or huddling up in the middle of the hallways to talk about their weekends? The NSC (Natural Science Complex) has one of the busiest hallways between classes, especially during syllabus week and review week. People will push and pull and God bless you if you’re under 5’5” trying to get to class on time because everyone woke up on the last Monday of the semester and decided to show up to class in hopes of the C-. I cannot count the number of times I was late to class solely because the hallway in NSC was extremely crowded. You go to UB when you get flashbacks of High School hallways walking through NSC.

  5. Sleep Overs in Capen.

    During mid-term week or finals week, Capen Hall is the popular camping spot for all the night owls at UB. Someone is sleeping on almost every couch around the building. You definitely go to UB when you can’t find a place to study in Capen because someone else was studying there and now they are napping.

  6. Fire drills at 4:00 AM.

    It might be 20-something degrees outside but the fire alarms will go off at 4:00 AM. And if you aren’t out of your bed, following the crowd down the exit staircases, you will get written up which means you have to do up to 20 hours of community service. This might go on for a week because some bored student thinks it’s funny. You dislike almost half the things that campus living does.

  7. You belong.

    You will find someone who shares the same culture as you and you will also find someone who’s from a really cool place some-thousand miles away and has really delicious food. Our international clubs do a great job as representing their cultures and lets you explore so much of their cultures right here on campus. You know you go to UB when you celebrate at least 5 different new years in one academic year because most of your friends are from different parts of the world.

  8. UB students get to hang out with great speakers.

    My freshmen year, the day I moved in, President Obama was on campus to speak. We’ve also had the man who found the Titanic. John Oliver, Magic Johnson, Aziz Ansari were here too. Yup, we feel pretty cool when we tell our friends that John Legend and some other really amazing people are coming to campus to speak to us. #Buffalove You know you go to UB when you go to a David Blaine show whose lecture included feats of stamina inside a water-filled steel-and-Plexiglas tank on a casual Wednesday night or something.

  9. Music lovers are happy here.

    Spring 2015, UB threw an EDM concert with Blau and Bingo Players and the turnout was great. Every year, we have Fall Fest and Spring Fest as well and the week of the concerts, there’s a great vibe around campus because almost everyone looks forward to the nights of the concerts. You know you’re a UB Bull when you get to party with Schoolboy Q and T.I on campus.

  10. Buffalo Sunsets.

    Buffalo sunsets are beautiful. I took this from my dorm room on an early spring day. You know you go to SUNY at Buffalo when you tend to stop whatever you are doing at sunset to stop and stare and feel blessed to be able to get all the wonderful experiences for being a University at Buffalo student. #Buffalove

SUNY at Buffalo was not my first choice but I’m glad it was my first adult life choice after High School


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