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PUB101 is an introductory public health class. If you are skeptical about whether you should take this lecture, than this article will make your decision a lot easier!

1. Professor Kruger is passionate about what she teaches

Professor Kruger is one of those teachers who can make her students passionate about what she is passionate about. She has easy, in class activities that encourage you to think about class content and to reflect on your personal opinion about certain issues. Even if you have an early lecture time, you will feel motivated to attend class and listen to what she has to say.

2. The content is very important to know

If you’re the kind of person that prefers taking classes that are relevant to life outside of the classroom than this is a great class for you. Most of the content is related to issues in today’s society. PUB101 will make you more aware of how you can contribute to the world and to your community. You will leave this class feeling more adept and ready to promote a healthy lifestyle for yourself and for those around you.

3. There are no surprises on the exams

PUB101 is a class that focuses on teaching its students certain information, instead of trying to trick them. Professor Kruger makes sure that all of the questions come directly from class notes and that all of the exam content is discussed in detail prior to exam day. This is a wonderful way to teach because it will discourage you from cramming unnecessary information and it will give you the opportunity to focus on important topics.

4. The TA’s are very helpful

The teacher assistants that Professor Kruger chooses are very good at their jobs. If you are struggling in the class or have any questions about something related to public health, than the TA’s will be there to help you. The best part is that they reply promptly and efficiently, so you can always go to them with an urgent matter!

5. The class prepares you for your major

Most of the students who take PUB101 are going into a public health field, such as nursing, medicine and physical therapy (to name a few). This class is a preliminary class that will encourage public health majors to start thinking in a way that will help them to do better in their major. It helps students to view health with the individual in mind, which will enable students to connect real world examples to future health classes.

PUB101 encourages passion and intrigue from its students. This is a class that will be worth putting on your schedule!


Sabrina Goldman

I am a University at Buffalo student majoring in Physical Therapy. I love writing and am a member of the outdoor adventure club and the exercise science club.

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