As a freshmen at the University at Buffalo, life is pretty exciting. It is definitely a drastic change from going to highschool and living with your parents. Although UB is such a huge campus, you can feel alone sometimes. Fortunately, there are definitely a lot of things we can ALL relate to. Here are my favorite 20 things you can only understand if you go to UB:

1. If you live in Gov’s, you have it the best.

Unlike Fargo, Red Jacket, Porter or any of the apartments. Us residents of Govs get to just cross the street and walk into the academic buildings, plus this beautiful view.

2. Pistachios is God sent.

In a world of Bertz and dining halls, Pistacos makes all the difference.

3. Zipcars literally go along way. 7$/hour just for some Chipotle, totally worth it.

4. No, we are not Buffalo State.

5. But you will basically live there on the weekends.

6. Tuesdays are LIT thanks to LASA.

The Latin Student Association host a social every week on Tuesdays. Nothing better than dancing away some stress.

7. Everyone in UB knows how to play the Piano, literally everyone, they even play The Weeknd.

8. No one ever leaves the tunnels, I mean we’re basically in Canada who blames us.

9. SU always has something planned on a busy day. Free movie tuesdays, free rock climbing, but always on Chem lab day? Why?

10. Speaking of chem, why post our grades in a random cabinet, and not on UB learns?

11. MyHUB is always down, especially when you need it the most.

12. CVS is the new Target, Walmart, Walgreens etc.

13. Friends with cars hate being the friend with the car.

“Hey can I get a ride?” must be annoying after a while.

14. You dress to impress at all the Fashion Shows.

15. All women love the Women Appreciation Dinner.

16. You can never get a booth at Silvermen and you chances are literally none if you try finals week people literally camp out.

17. You know it’s finals week when no one is playing pool at the cave.

18. The rush of people that run in at 11:50 before The Cellar closes.

19. C3’s Brunch.

20. Nothing relieves the cold like some nice warm Tim Hortons at SU.


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