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1. “War Eagle”

Just no. Never mention our biggest rival.

2. “I love lakeside dinning!!!!!”

The day anyone ever says that they “love lakeside dinning” will be the day that you question everything in this world. Do not ever trust that lakeside will be good because you may think it taste not so terrible for a split second but just give it a couple minutes and your stomach will feel a pain that has never been felt before.

3. “I love having 8ams on Wednesdays and Fridays!!!”

Since greek life is such a large part of the university that means a majority of students are involved in it which means going to swaps every Tuesday and Thursday night so waking up for early classes, especially 8ams, is NEVER fun!!

4. “Is there even anything to do this weekend?”

There is ALWAYS something to do every weekend so questioning that will never be said.

5. “Who is the football coach?”

Literally EVERYONE in the world knows who Nick Saban is, and if you don’t then that is a big problem.

6. “What is Dixieland Delight?”

Dixieland Delight is the most amazing song that has ever been made (other than Sweet Home Alabama) and it is all ours.

7. “I miss home”

Because once you move to school, Alabama becomes your home.

8. “There is no place to eat near campus

This will never be said considering less than a two minute walk away from campus is the strip which includes, Buffalo Phills, Chipotle, Pieology, Jimmy Johns, Pita Pit, Little Italy, El Ricon, and so many more!

9. “Remember when Auburn scored on that kick return?”

One of the most upsetting games in history that every Alabama fan, student, or alumni hates to talk about.

10. “Why did that person just say Roll Tide?”

Saying “Roll Tide” is our thing. We use it as hello, goodbye, what’s up, and of course, when we are cheering on our football boys. So on that note, Roll Tide!


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