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UA is a cool school which means there are lots of cool classes. Selecting the coolest University of Alabama classes can be tough.

Just call me a GPA saver…If you are looking for some awesome, fun, exciting and easy classes at University of Alabama, you are at the right place! Here are the top 10 of the Coolest Classes at University of Alabama.

1. ANT 102 – Intro to Cultural Anthropology

While this is one of the easier classes I’ve taken at UA, I guarantee you’ll also walk away from it with at least a slightly changed worldview, even if you’re taking it for the easy A. I had Dr. Jo Weaver, and she incorporates her own interesting anthropological research on gender roles in India into the class. She’s also very helpful and easy-going. This class is an introduction to the anthropological perspective on a global scale, and it makes you think introspectively while also exposing you to different ways of life than your own.

2. AMS 300 – Special Topics: The Zombie Apocalypse in US Culture

If you look around, zombies are widely popular in our culture because even the slightest realistic possibility of an apocalypse intrigues us. The Walking Dead has heavily contributed to this craze, but Dr. Payne discusses much more than that in this Special Topics course.

3. AMS 102 – Special Topics: Scandals and Moral Outrage in US

Also a Special Topics course offered by the American Studies department, this class is made for anyone who obsessively follows pop culture (don’t worry, I’m guilty too). Not only is this class highly interesting, as it will relate current pop culture references to wider implications of our society, but since it’s a lower level course, it shouldn’t be very demanding either.

4. HY 378 – Drugs, Booze, and Mexican Society

While I’ve heard that this course is pretty dense, the subject matter is highly interesting since it’s an issue that’s happening now. The class highlights the significance of drugs in Mexico, as it is embedded in social, political, economic, and cultural spheres. If you’re into learning more about the War on Drugs, this is the class for you.


5. KIN – any 100 level class

These are the GPA boosters. If you have a loaded schedule one semester, but you could use another credit hour or two, consider a kinesiology class. You’d get a midday break to relieve some stress and exert energy. From karate to rock climbing to racquetball, the kinesiology department offers pretty much every sport, and you get credits for exercising- it’s a win-win.


6. UH – 105 Mentoring

If you’re a part of the Honors College, keeping up with enough Honors credits can be stressful. You’re probably worried about the difficulty of the class, but you’re behind on credits. If you like kids, this is your solution. Choose from preschool through high school age, and you’ll go to a local school once or twice a week just to hang out with the kids. If you’re in the preschool or elementary school mentor group, you also get to write and illustrate your own children’s book.


7. MUS 121- Intro to Listening

Most of us need a Fine Arts credit for our Gen Ed requirements, and this course is the way to fulfill that. I took it with Dr. Woolsey (who is quite possibly the nicest person I’ve ever met) and got an A+. You’ll learn more about music throughout the ages, and you get three credit hours for a one hour class.


8. GY 110 – People, Places, and the Environment

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m really into the humanities, but I promise this class is worth taking. It focuses on human behavior and decision making in the context of our surroundings. Take it with Dr. Ericson if you can. You could also get a bunch of notes and study guides here!


9. COM 100 – Rhetoric and Society

This foundation communications class discusses the impact that public discussion has on culture and history. Take it with Dr. Black if you can. This course is an easy A and very applicable to any career path.


10. TCF 112 – Motion Picture History Criticism

This class is typically once a week, and you basically discuss the development of the cinema and see that development on-screen…so you watch a ton of movies. Need I say more?


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