University of Alabama has such a wide variety of courses, and it sure does have its handful of easy courses. Maybe you tanked Bio last semester and you need to boost your GPA, well you’re in luck because Alabama has courses that can do just that. Even better, you may have some fun taking these classes too, so check out the 10 Easiest Classes at the University of Alabama

1. UH 155 – Cultural Literacy

There are so many different cultures out there, and if you are curious about them, then this class is for you! Not only is it a total GPA booster, but it’s pretty interesting too. You get to watch movies (Apocalypto anyone?) and play fun games that teach you about culture!

2. CS 102 – Microcomputer Applications

Now, I know what you are thinking, this course sounds so boring and so difficult. Well, it’s your lucky day, because this course couldn’t be easier. It’s a class on Microsoft Office applications, and who hasn’t ever used those before? Total bird course anyone can ace. 

3. MUS 121 – Intro to Listening

Music, now who doesn’t love that? This class focuses on different forms of music, and it’s all done from your computer, with no proctored tests (wink wink). Fun and easy course especially if you need a fine art credit!

4. TCF 112 – Motion Picture History Criticism

MOVIES! MOVIES GALORE! This class quite literally consists of watching movies. Movies range from classics to the modern era. What more could you ask for? GPA booster to the max.

5. CL 222 – Greek and Roman Mythology

This course deals with, well, exactly what the title says. While it may sound like a bummer, its surprisingly easy especially if you’ve ever read the Percy Jackson series!

6. UH 210 – Art of Tuscaloosa

Art, life’s biggest question. At least that’s what this course poses. If you enjoy art or just a thought provoking class, here you go! This class deals with different art events in Tuscaloosa, and is very popular and an easy course to supplement any schedule!

7. AY 101 – Intro to Astronomy

Need an easy science course? Astronomy may be the perfect fit! Easy class with interesting discussions about the stars, the solar system, and SpAcE (who doesn’t love space?)

8. ANT 100 – Introduction to Anthropology

The study of man. Not men (unfortunately), but rather humans themselves from an anthropological perspective. Simple class that fulfills a Core requirement, so why not!

9. UH 120 – Photography 1

Any photographers out there? Or you just like to take pictures? UH 120 is an awesome GPA booster class where you learn how to take photos and use Photoshop. Even better you may pick up some handy skills!

10. CJ 100 – Intro to Criminal Justice

Calling all Law and Order fans… this is the course you have been waiting for. Simple overview of criminal justice system and how it works. Not only is it a super easy class, but you are practically watching Law and Order every time you go to class.. WIN!


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