If you’re a college student that has a busy schedule, it can be difficult to get all the sleep necessary to have a productive day. With all the late-night study sessions and early morning 8 AMs, it’s nearly impossible to get a full night’s sleep. Which brings us to the ever important mid-day nap. If you don’t have time to make it home in between classes, consider catching some Z’s in these great places to nap on campus.

Here are 10 of the best places to nap at University of Alabama:

1. Gorgas Library

One of the most central locations on this list, Gorgas is full of quiet nooks and crannies for an undisturbed afternoon nap. Even though the first and second floors are typically packed full of students, the upper levels (or even the basement) are practically empty throughout the calendar year. Not to mention the silent floors, which are perfect for a twenty-minute catnap. Just be sure to bring your own pillow.

2. Starbucks on Bryant

If you love the smell of coffee and roomy armchairs, check out the second level of the Starbucks off of Bryant Dr. Above the hustle and bustle of baristas, this quiet meeting place is cozy and warm. You can even grab a coffee after you wake up, providing the ultimate energy boost. 

3. Reese Phifer Terrace

Looking for some fresh air? Bring your blanket and earphones to the Reese Phifer terrace. When you have a thirty minute break between classes, this is a prime location when you have a class on the Quad, while not being as exposed as a quick nap on one of the Quad benches. (Which brings us to our next location…) 

4. The Quad

What’s better than having Denny Chimes as your personal alarm clock? Pick a location with low traffic and stretch out under that beautiful Tuscaloosa sky. Getting a tan while you sleep is just another benefit of Quad-napping.

5. Ferguson Center Armchairs

On the second floor of the Ferguson center just past the food court is a large community room filled with loveseats and tall-backed armchairs. After you grab some Panda Express in the dining hall, walk over to one of these comfortable armchairs to sleep off that orange chicken. If you’re lucky, grab a seat by an outlet to charge your phone while you sleep. 

6. Rodgers Library Cubicles

Libraries are always prime locations to sleep (which is why Gorgas was first on our list) but the Rodgers library flies under the radar because of its location. Located in the engineering quad, its large first floor is much quieter than Gorgas’. The cubicles on the second floor are the perfect place to rest your head in between classes.

7. Your Sorority/Fraternity House

Everyone knows Alabama has some of the best sorority and fraternity houses around. Though they’re great for parties and Bid Day, they’re also a luxurious napping spot. Snag a seat on the porch or borrow a brother or sister’s room for a power nap before your three-hour lecture.

8. Woods Quad

Looking to gain some inspiration while you doze? Head to the Art Quad, lodged between the Moody Art Gallery and Woods Hall. It’s full of neat sculptures and is relatively low traffic. There’s even a sleeping robot statue to keep you company in dreamland!

9. Burke Dining Hall

Swipe into Burke and head back towards the waffle machine and cereal bar. The booths on the back wall are typically unoccupied, providing you with a stealthy sleeping spot. Be sure to grab some ice cream before you doze off for some sweet dreams.

10. Ten Hoor Benches

Another outdoor spot, the shaded benches outside of Ten Hoor are the perfect location for your afternoon nap. Curl up on one of these and plug in your earphones to drown out the sounds of the street below and you’re set!


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