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Here are some tips for your English class this semester! These are some helpful tips that people have found to allow students to be more successful in class. They are all crucial in getting a good grade in your class and hope you enjoy.

1. Do not procrastinate

Always write your papers ahead of time! Turning in your papers on time will not only help you receive the highest grade possible, but it will also give you extra time to review your essay and fix any mistakes. Also, writing it ahead of time can give you the opportunity to talk to your teacher about it or have a peer edit it for you.


2. Peer Editing

Have a peer edit it your paper if at all possible! Peer editing can be crucial to an assignments success. Your peer may have caught something that you did not or may know something you don’t. Also, you may get some great tips on some information you might want to add into your paper. You are often given time in class to have your peers edit and provide assistance, but it is also important to take the time outside of class to go to your peers and have them edit. Not only can you get peers to help you, but the writing center is a great way to get assistance and get help. The writing center is located in the library and is very helpful. The writing center is definitely a resource that should be used more often and used by more people. 

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3. Submitting on Time

Be ready to submit the assignment at the start of the opening time period. If your assignment must be submitted online, make sure you are ready to submit it as early as possible. This will ensure that even some technical difficulties won’t hold you back from getting your assignment in on time.


4. Always complete any assigned assignments

Always read the assigned readings! These readings that may be assigned in class are crucial to your grade. They are often short quizzes and test to see whether you read the material and to show that you are in class that day. Always attend class, it will improve your grade and also keep you up to date on what is going on in the class.

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Professors for English 101 are great! they are always willing to help and give assistance. You may see assignments such as short quizzes on assigned readings, annotating, and large writing assignments. I hope you found these tips to be helpful as much as I have. Every assignment is important to doing well in a class. Whether the assignment is worth a lot or a small amount they are all important. Hope these are helpful in your classes!


Matthew Hellen

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