Here are some useful tips on how to do well in Biology 101 at the University of Alabama! These are very helpful especially if you are new to biology classes. Hope you enjoy and find these helpful in your class.

Study Ahead

Studying ahead is a tremendous factor for success here at Alabama. We all have more classes than biology so studying ahead is great for keeping up on assignments and not falling behind. This will allow you to go back and review the assignments to study them. Falling behind in biology is the last thing you want to happen. Biology courses at Alabama eve very fast and are always teaching new information. Keeping up on the assignments and studying in advance is crucial.


Attend class

Attending class is so beneficial and one of the easiest ways to get a good grade. Attending the lectures will allow you to learn the new information and ask questions on the material you do not understand. Also, not only will you be able to learn the new material, but you will also get attendance points. Attendance points can be a extremely easy grade booster. Often times, biology professors will provide random clicker questions to be able to see who is in class. These quicker questions will also possibly let you see potential test questions in advance.


Get in a study group

For a lot of us, biology can be a hard course. Getting the grade you want is difficult without some help from your peers. A study group is a great way to do this. Studying with a group will allow you to ask questions and possibly have them answered in a different way that you understand. This is also a great tool for creating questions to test each other on. A study group is a great way to meet people in your class. It will allow you to have people to ask questions, study with, and even complete assignments with.


Do the homework

Completing the homework assignments is another easy grade booster. You will want to do everything you can to have the highest grade possible come test time and final time. Completing the homework is a way to fill that grade book with several A’s. Not only will it help your grade directly with good scores, but it is also another way to reiterate the material you have learned. You can think of the homework as another study tool. If at all possible, go back and look at earlier homework assignments before the tests as some of the test questions will be directly pulled from the homework.


Do not let the professors scare you! The class will not be as hard as people make it seem as long as you work at it and study in advance. Hope you find these tips helpful in your biology classes. Good luck this semester especially in Biology!



Matthew Hellen

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