Here are some tips on how to survive the spring semester at Alabama! Spring semester is already here and it is crucial to end the year on a strong note before summer. These tips will definitely help you achieve your goals this semester. Hope they help your spring. Enjoy!

Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping is crucial to being successful in school. Getting enough sleep will keep you more awake and alert throughout the day. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep at night and that will allow you to be more productive throughout the school day. If you must, based of your class schedule you may even be able to snag a power nap in-between classes!


Study Ahead

Studying ahead is a great tool to being successful at Alabama. If you ever have any spare time, it is always a good idea to study ahead and maybe have some time for other extra curricular activities to get the mind relaxed. Studying ahead will also allow you to be able to back and really study that material an extra time. This will keep you from cramming before tests or rushing assignments.



We all know school and finals in the spring can definitely be stressful. Letting the stress get to you will not benefit you in any way. Try to relax and bit and maybe take a walk down by the riverwalk right behind campus. The riverwalk runs right next to the Black Warrior River. This is a great way to relax. If that does not work, take a seat on the sunny Alabama quad and relax there!


Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthy

Staying hydrated and eating right can actually benefit you more than most people think. Especially as we get closer to summer, we all know how hot it gets here. You are definitely going to want to be hydrated. Eating right can also improve your mood and productivity. A little exercise and taking care of yourself can be a huge helper with our spring and summer heat.


Enjoy it

You only get so many spring semesters here at the University of Alabama. You will also only be in college for a handful of years. Enjoy your time here and make the most of it. Alabama is one of the most special universities in the nation. Take the time to realize how great it is to be a student at UA, and enjoy the challenges of reaching your goals.


Hope you enjoyed my tips on how to do well in your spring semester here at the University of Alabama. A lot of people who have found these to be crucial. End the school year on a positive note and take these tips into consideration if you are ever struggling. Enjoy your spring semester and Good luck!


Matthew Hellen

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