Going greek at University of Alabama is a great way to spend four years here. So many opportunities can come from it. Friends, life lessons, and even jobs come through greek friends all the time. Do not miss out!

1. Friendship

At such a large school, everything can be pretty overwhelming at times. Joining a fraternity or sorority here can allow you to find a smaller group of friends quickly. The friendships you will find through the brotherhood and sisterhood here are unlike any other. You can find your best friends in your fraternity or sorority. People will be in your life for a long time through these greek organizations.

2. Connections

You never know who you might meet in your new fraternity. These new friends may come along with tremendous opportunities for you. It is a great way to network and learn about opportunities and get help. Your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters could be the one to maybe hook you up with an interview with a company! Great way to market yourself.

3. School assistance

Your greek organization will be made up of all different kinds of majors and school specialties. You can use that to your advantage. Instead of potentially paying a tutor, you can always ask a brother or sister for help and they will most likely love to help. Between so many different majors and minors there will always be someone able to help. It is also a great way to have people in the same class as you and study together.

4. Resume Builder

Being in a greek origination is actually a great thing to do for your resume. Often times you are held to receive a certain GPA to remain active in your origination. You could also hold positions and acquire some great leadership skills. You will also have the opportunity to do some great work for charities and your respective philanthropy.

5. Learn Valuable Life Skills

When going greek, you are certain to learn a lot of valuable lessons. You learn to cooperate with others, communicate, and work toward a common goal. You will have many types of friends and you will learn to become close with all of them. Public speaking, planning, and time management are crucial aspects you learn when going greek.

Going greek at the University of Alabama is a great way to get involved and learn life lessons. The opportunities grow tremendously when you go greek. Hope you enjoyed!


Matthew Hellen

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