The University of Alabama has a lot of good dorms and they are all good for their own reasons. Here are some reasons why Presidential Village is definitely a top spot to live at Alabama! Hope you enjoy them and enjoy living in Presidential Village.


Presidential Village is in a great spot for a few reasons. If you are a fitness person, you are in the right spot. Literally a few feet from presidential village, stands a state of the art recreation center that includes a weight room, basketball courts, and a few places to eat. Also, the dorm is only a short walk away from the quad where a lot of classes take place. You cannot forget about the riverwalk which is directly behind the dorm. Walk out the dorm and you are practically down by the river and can take a jog along the river.


The college bathroom situation can scare a lot of people away. Definitely will not scare you away here at presidential village. Each bathroom and shower will only be shared by two people. You and your four suit mates will each have two bathrooms divided up between the four of you. One on each side for each two suit mates. The bathrooms and shower are definitely not small and provide the room you need!

Amount of people

The amount of people in Presidential Village is definitely an underrated aspect. Since you have your own room and personal bedroom, why not have more people in the dorm. This allows for a greater opportunity to meet people and find people who you share classes with. It makes it a lot easier to meet up with people and do some studying or go eat! It also allows for a higher chance that you might be living closer to some of your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters.

Amount of space

The amount of space that comes with living in Presidential Village is fantastic. A full living room to hangout with your roommates and some kitchen space is always convenient. Along with the living room, all four suit mates get their own bedroom and closet space! The bedrooms provide some good space. They all come with the bed frame, dresser, and a desk. The living room also comes with a stand for your t.v and a lot of good cabinet space to put groceries or supplies.

Hope you enjoyed reading about Presidential Village at Alabama. It is a great dorm and should definitely be at the top of your list when choosing a dorm. A lot of freshman pick this one first so make sure you choose fast! Good luck and hope you can live in Presidential Village!


Matthew Hellen

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