Here are some tips to help you out in your psychology class at the University of Alabama!   They will definitely help you out and allow you to be more successful in your psychology class. Completely recommend using these tips if you want a solid grade. Hope you enjoy reading and good luck in your psychology class!

1. Study ahead

Studying ahead in Psychology is crucial to doing well in this course here at Alabama. There are so many terms and memorization to be done. A lot of students and professors will mention studying ahead, definitely do it! It is so worth it to study ahead if you want a good grade in a psychology class here. Studying just the day or two before will not allow you to be successful in this course. You have to put the time and effort to memorize all the terms and information.


2. Attend Class

Attending class is so important for the psychology classes at Alabama. All of the information that will be on the tests and quizzes will be presented in class. The best way to study will be directly from the notes you take. Also, you will want more than just the notes off the power point. Attending the lectures and actually listening and writing down what your professor says is highly beneficial to succeeding on the assessments. Also attending the class will possibly allow you to meet people who you could study with and get more prepared for the tests.


3. Study with a group

Studying with a group for this class is a really great idea. Since there are so many terms and definitions you will want all the help you can get. Studying with a group will be beneficial because you will have people to help you and also quiz you. You can form your own questions and quiz people in the group. Studying in a group can also allow you to ask questions that may not have been answered in the lecture. You can ask questions and even answer questions for your peers and will help you drill the information in before the test.


4. Use all of your resources

You have so many resources for classes at Alabama,especially psychology. Your professor will let you know when they have office hours, these are a must. Office hours are a great tool for finding help. Office hours allow you to have some one on one time with your professor and clear up and confusion or questions you may have. Also, use the tutoring option if you need it. The people who will be tutoring definitely have a strong knowledge of the subject and have most likely taken the class before and can provide you with some very useful tips.


5. Use office hours

Office hours can be a great way to get help and assistance for this class. Any confusion you may have can be answered in a one on one scenario with your professor. Also this is a great way to clear up any confusion about grading or how well your doing in the class. The professor will appreciate the effort of coming during office hours instead of a simple email.


Hope you enjoyed reading about these helpful tips for psychology classes at the University of Alabama. Psychology can be a difficult subject so take all of the resources you have from the start of the semester. Be proactive and stay on top of the work. Good luck this semester and in psychology.


Matthew Hellen

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