The Best University of Alabama Professors

1. Professor Douglas Kurtz

Rating – 100%
DepartmentCriminal Justice

Courses Taught by Professor Douglas Kurtz

1. CJ100 – Learn More
2. CJ220 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Douglas Kurtz

“Great guy and great class. Always tells you to know your rights and teaches a lot of court cases. Always a fun class to go to.”

“Took Klutz for law enforcement last semester at it was a great class just show up for lectures and you will do fine on tests. 4 tests in all but you do have to go to class.”

“CJ 100 was a great class. Topics were always interesting even though it was early in the morning. Klutz always stressed to know your rights so you cover a lot of law and case studies.”

2. Professor Joshua Williams

Rating – 100%
Department – Fine Arts

Courses Taught by Professor Joshua Williams

1. MUS121 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Joshua Williams

“Would recommend. easy A+”

“Easiest class I’ve ever taken”

“This was the easiest class I’ve ever taken. All you had to do was go to class and take notes (he would take attendance by giving you the answers to the quizzes on blackboard). I took all the tests with a friend and he gives so much extra credit to the people that actually do the assignments. I ended up with over a 100 and would 10/10 recommend him.”

3. Professor Kathy Morris

Rating – 100%
Department – Computer Science

Courses Taught by Professor Kathy Morris

1. CS102 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Kathy Morris

“All you have to do is complete the lessons and projects and show up for the weekly test. This is a very easy class that you go to once a week and it usually takes about 25 minutes to complete the assessment; then you leave. You get two bonus points added to your grade if you attend every class.”

“This class is pretty basic. It’s an introduction to Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The weekly homework is very easy but also very long. You don’t have to put much effort into the class to do well. The class period is only for taking the exam. Most days I was done in 5-10 minutes. Very easy A.”

“Professor Morris is really kind and understanding. The material is pretty basic and easy, but there is so much of it. I took this class over the summer in a shortened semester period. If you are not the greatest at time management or getting lots of work done in a short amount of time, take this class over a normal length semester.”

4. Professor Kirk Summers

Rating – 97%
Department – Classics

Courses Taught by Professor Kirk Summers

1. CL222 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Kirk Summers

“He’s a cool professor. Unlimited attempts at quizzes until they’re due. You’ll do well on his tests if you read, look at the picture slides, and review the quizzes. Offers a large amount of extra credit for some questions based on extra reading. No reason to not make an A in the class if you do what he says to (slides, quizzes, reading).”

“Easily my favorite professor at UA. Dr. Summers makes his lectures super interesting and fun with all his jokes. He also posts every lecture online in case you miss one. Definitely recommend this course if you have to take an elective!”

“I love Prof. Summers! His lectures are entertaining and funny. His quizzes are easy. Most lectures are put on Tegrity. If you listen to the lectures and read the book (chapters are a few pages at most). His class was the only one that didn’t take attendance but I enjoyed it so much that I willing went. Take if you are interested this topic!”

5. Professor William Walsh

Rating – 96%

Courses Taught by Professor William Walsh

1. EC308 – Learn More
2. EC110 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor William Walsh

“Dr. Walsh is one of the greatest professors I have taken to date. He is clear with what he expects from you and will respect you as much as you respect him. He engages entire classrooms and will be sure to have you laughing out loud each lecture. I’d take him for every class if I could.”

“Best econ teacher at Alabama. He makes it an interesting subject, and he relates to students well. If you have to take econ, he is the best option by far.”

“Walsh has so much enthusiasm for the subject material and it comes out in his lectures. he’s very knowledgeable and you can learn a lot if you pay attention”

The Worst University of Alabama Professors

1. Professor Russell Timkovich

Rating – 38%
Department – Chemistry

Courses Taught by Professor Russell Timkovich

1. CH102 – Learn More
2. CH104 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Russell Timkovich

“Timkovich is clearly a lifetime academic. He is process rather than results oriented. He cares very little if he actually imparts the knowledge to the students. Odd that someone like this would be in teaching profession, but you know what they say “those who cant, teach.” Good life lesson for how to deal with guys like this in the real world.”

“I made an A in the class, but it wasn’t because of the professor. He is out of touch and a truly horrible person. I don’t mind tough classes, in fact, I expect them. It was his inability to interact with humans that made this class unbearable. He is a brilliant guy, just shouldn’t be out of a lab.”

“Usually a straight A student and the only reason I got a C in this class is because he had to scale everyones grades because there wasn’t a high enough percentage of students passing. The tests are so hard, I studied for every one of them, just to come out with a 53% test av.2/3 of the class dropped. About 15 hours of hw/week if you pace yourself.”

2. Professor Martin Bakker

Rating – 38%
Department – Chemistry

Courses Taught by Professor Martin Bakker

1. CH102 – Learn More
2. CH104 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Martin Bakker

“Take another teacher. He’ll do problems in class & make sarcastic comments about how much faster he can do them. Tests much harder with trick questions than other sections & u don’t get to use formula sheet on final. You might learn more in his class but you are unlikely to get in A unless you’ve had AP chem and grading criteria not clear.”

“Dr. Bakker’s class was very difficult and not to be taken lightly. During class he tries to be funny, but often goes over as rude and demeaning. He has many times worked a problem out on the board and not explained where he gets the numbers from. He seems like a brilliant man, but not very good at teaching. I wouldn’t recommend taking him.”

“Gives lectures mostly on concepts and theory with very few example problems and expects you to learn how to do most problems on your own. He does clicker questions for a grade every class. I would not recommend him to anyone who does not have a strong chemistry background. He also gives no equation sheets for exams.”

3. Professor Tom Downs

Rating – 39%
Department – Finance

Courses Taught by Professor Tom Downs

1. FI301 – Learn More
2. FI302 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Tom Downs

“Summer section: He really doesn’t care to explain all the material, just types it in on his BA2+ calculator. Make sure you get the financial calculator or you won’t pass the class! He has a weird sense of humor but tries his best to teach the material. He isn’t the the worst teacher at UA, but was the only one available to take. Don’t cram for test”

“If I could give 0’s I would but it doesn’t let you. He is the worst teacher in the Finance department. I think he does extra curricular activities before class from the way he looks. Get a different teacher”

“I took FI302 hybrid class. Never take this class. Hybrid or not. Never take it. Downs is a horrible teacher. I studied over twenty hours for the first test and still failed. I emailed him about my grade to see if he could help me but he never emailed me back. I would advise everyone to take this class at Stillman. Avoid Downs at all costs!!!!”

4. Professor Hoda El-Karasky

Rating – 41%
Department – Economics

Courses Taught by Professor Hoda El-Karasky

1. FI301 – Learn More
2. FI302 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Hoda El-Karasky

“She is very difficult to understand and often times yells at students. i only bother to show up to class to just get my attendance points. the class is very heavily weighted on test. there are a lot of extra points you can get from the hw assignments if you do well . however i do NOT recommend her . honestly WORST teacher i have had at Bama so far”

“Awful teacher, never helps, lectures are awful. SPEAK HINDO I CANT UNDERSTAND HER. Worse than inspector cluso when it comes to annunciating. Teach yourself basically.”

“Couldn’t be more disappointed about a class. So unfair to Hardworking students who go to class and complete homework assignments. If you don’t do well on the tests you won’t pass the class. Attendance policy is the worst I have ever seen. Can barely understand her and she yells at you if you as questions. STAY AWAY. This class will destroy your GPA”

5. Professor Murray Silverstone

Rating – 43%
Department – Astronomy

Courses Taught by Professor Murray Silverstone

1. PH105 – Learn More

Student Reviews of Professor Murray Silverston

“His class gives a ridiculous amount of homework. On the week of one of his test I had 3 different homework assignments due each night that take about 4 hours a piece to complete. Do not take this class with him.”

“3rd year engineering student and I dropped this class. The types of assessments given are not outlined in the syllabus, so you must go to class. Recitation is mandatory. Don’t bother asking a question in class, or asking him to actually work a problem, unless you want to be embarrassed with a condescending response.”

“He’s a really nice guy who knows the material but has NO idea how to teach it. Homework is long and pretty hard. Most of it is unrelated to what you will see on the test. Conceptual questions on the test are relatively easy but the mathematical questions are multi step and complicated. He does not give you example test problems.”


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