A leaked memo obtained by CBC News states that the University of Alberta is cutting 14 programs from the Faculty of Arts this year. 20 more will be re-evaluated in 2020.

There is simply not enough enrollment in the more obscure degrees, from Music Composition and Theory to Scandinavian studies. All the courses that have been removed had less than 10 students enrolled in their chosen major.

Although only 30 students are affected by these cuts, it can be disheartening to the current and future student populations of the U of A to know that the diversity of program options is dwindling. “Resources are going especially to programs that students find attractive,” says Lesley Cormack, Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

It is not just arts that have been seeing budget cuts in the last few years. In 2012, the Faculty of Science suspended 20 courses.

Shutting down courses due to low enrollment is worrisome and leaves students pigeon-holed with few options. 

Which other UAlberta courses are at risk? Only time will tell.



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