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University of Alberta | April 2019 Final Exam Notes

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Below is a complete list of notes and study guides available at University of Alberta. Each course includes lecture notes, textbook notes and past exams. Hope this helps! Goodluck on your final exams!

Download Alberta Final Exam Notes and Study Guides Table PDF Format

Course CodeExam DateExam TimeExam Notes
ACCTG3004/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG3114/17/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG3224/13/20192:00 PMView Now
ACCTG4144/26/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG4154/12/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG4184/12/20199:00 AMView Now
ACCTG4244/13/20192:00 PMView Now
ACCTG4564/25/20192:00 PMView Now
ADMI3024/15/20199:00 AMView Now
ALS1154/23/20192:00 PMView Now
AN SC1204/16/20192:00 PMView Now
AN SC3114/24/20199:00 AMView Now
AN SC3124/17/20192:00 PMView Now
ANAT2004/25/20192:00 PMView Now
ANAT4004/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ANTHR1014/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ANTHR1504/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ANTHR2064/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ANTHR2074/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ANTHR2084/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ANTHR2094/18/20199:00 AMView Now
AREC2004/23/20199:00 AMView Now
AREC3234/24/20199:00 AMView Now
AREC3654/25/20199:00 AMView Now
AREC4654/17/20192:00 PMView Now
ASL1114/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ASTRO1224/24/20192:00 PMView Now
ASTRO4304/16/20192:00 PMView Now
AUBIO1124/23/20199:00 AMView Now
AUECO1024/27/20199:00 AMView Now
AUREL1004/30/20199:00 AMView Now
AUSTA1534/26/20191:30 PMView Now
B LAW4034/23/20199:00 AMView Now
B LAW4224/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOCH2004/26/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOCH3204/15/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOCH3304/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL2014/16/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL2084/17/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOL3614/17/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL3804/23/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL3914/25/20199:00 AMView Now
BIOL4954/15/20192:00 PMView Now
BIOLE2074/15/20192:00 PMView Now
BOT3214/25/20199:00 AMView Now
C LIT2434/23/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E3144/17/20192:00 PMView Now
CH E3184/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E3454/18/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E3514/23/20192:00 PMView Now
CH E3744/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E4454/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E4464/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E4484/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CH E4644/17/20192:00 PMView Now
CH E4854/16/20192:00 PMView Now
CHEM1014/16/20192:00 PMView Now
CHEM1034/16/20192:00 PMView Now
CHEM2634/15/20192:00 PMView Now
CHRTC3504/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CIV E2704/26/20199:00 AMView Now
CIV E3314/15/20192:00 PMView Now
CIV E3744/15/20199:00 AMView Now
CIV E3954/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CLASS1044/23/20199:00 AMView Now
CLASS1104/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CME2654/17/20192:00 PMView Now
CMPUT2014/15/20192:00 PMView Now
CMPUT2294/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT2724/26/20192:00 PMView Now
CMPUT2914/17/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3014/25/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3134/17/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3254/24/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3664/24/20192:00 PMView Now
CMPUT3794/18/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT3914/23/20199:00 AMView Now
CMPUT4744/24/20199:00 AMView Now
DANCE2004/16/20192:00 PMView Now
DANCE4314/24/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS1004/25/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS1054/24/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS2014/25/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS2064/15/20192:00 PMView Now
EAS2094/17/20192:00 PMView Now
EAS2124/16/20192:00 PMView Now
EAS2304/25/20199:00 AMView Now
EAS3684/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE2034/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE2094/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ECE2124/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ECE2404/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE3024/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE3034/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE3424/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE3804/17/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE4014/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE4574/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ECE4604/25/20199:00 AMView Now
ECE4874/17/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON1024/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON2114/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON2134/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON2994/23/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON3864/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON3874/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON4144/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON4224/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON4824/17/20199:00 AMView Now
ECON5424/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ECON5994/17/20199:00 AMView Now
EDPY4424/25/20192:00 PMView Now
EDU1004/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ENCMP1004/26/20199:00 AMView Now
ENCS4064/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ENCS4734/16/20199:00 AMView Now
ENG M3104/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ENG M5304/18/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGG1304/23/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGL2124/16/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGL3394/15/20192:00 PMView Now
ENGL3764/17/20199:00 AMView Now
ENGL3894/24/20199:00 AMView Now
FIN3014/25/20192:00 PMView Now
FREN1114/13/20192:00 PMView Now
FREN2114/12/20192:00 PMView Now
FREN2124/27/20199:00 AMView Now
GENET2704/17/20199:00 AMView Now
GENET3024/18/20199:00 AMView Now
GENET3754/25/20199:00 AMView Now
GENET4184/17/20192:00 PMView Now
GERM1124/12/20199:00 AMView Now
HE ED1104/25/20199:00 AMView Now
HE ED2214/25/20199:00 AMView Now
HECOL2114/16/20199:00 AMView Now
HECOL2684/18/20199:00 AMView Now
HECOL2704/17/20192:00 PMView Now
HECOL3104/18/20199:00 AMView Now
HECOL4414/23/20192:00 PMView Now
HGP1004/16/20192:00 PMView Now
HGP2524/15/20192:00 PMView Now
HIST1114/17/20192:00 PMView Now
HIST1124/16/20192:00 PMView Now
HIST1154/23/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST2604/18/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST2614/25/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST2814/17/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST2964/23/20199:00 AMView Now
HIST3774/17/20192:00 PMView Now
IMIN2004/25/20199:00 AMView Now
IMIN4524/24/20199:00 AMView Now
INT D2804/18/20199:00 AMView Now
LING2044/24/20199:00 AMView Now
LING3194/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MARK3014/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MARK3124/18/20192:00 PMView Now
MARK4324/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MARK4424/18/20192:00 PMView Now
MAT E2014/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MAT E2114/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MAT E3364/18/20199:00 AMView Now
MAT E3514/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MAT E4944/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH1004/15/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH1014/12/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH1024/13/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH1184/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH1344/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH2014/12/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH2094/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH2144/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH2224/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH2284/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH2414/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH2534/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH3004/15/20192:00 PMView Now
MATH3174/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH3344/17/20199:00 AMView Now
MATH4144/23/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E2304/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E2604/15/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3004/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3314/16/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3404/16/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E3624/18/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3714/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E3804/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E3904/16/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E4204/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E4304/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E4514/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E4634/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MEC E4804/23/20199:00 AMView Now
MEC E5634/15/20199:00 AMView Now
MICRB2654/17/20192:00 PMView Now
MICRB3154/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MICRB3164/15/20192:00 PMView Now
MICRB3204/23/20192:00 PMView Now
MIS3114/12/20192:00 PMView Now
MMI1334/23/20192:00 PMView Now
MMI3514/18/20199:00 AMView Now
MMI4454/24/20199:00 AMView Now
MUSIC1004/25/20199:00 AMView Now
MUSIC2014/25/20192:00 PMView Now
NEURO2104/15/20192:00 PMView Now
NEURO4104/24/20199:00 AMView Now
NS1104/15/20192:00 PMView Now
NU FS1004/24/20199:00 AMView Now
NU FS3564/17/20199:00 AMView Now
NU FS3744/24/20199:00 AMView Now
NU FS3774/15/20192:00 PMView Now
NURS4054/18/20199:00 AMView Now
PAC1144/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PAC1184/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PHIL1014/16/20192:00 PMView Now
PHIL1024/23/20199:00 AMView Now
PHIL2504/16/20192:00 PMView Now
PHIL2654/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PHYS1244/15/20192:00 PMView Now
PHYS1264/16/20192:00 PMView Now
PHYSL2144/25/20199:00 AMView Now
PHYSL3724/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PHYSL4054/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PL SC2214/25/20199:00 AMView Now
PL SC3524/25/20199:00 AMView Now
POL S2244/16/20192:00 PMView Now
POL S2354/23/20199:00 AMView Now
POL S2614/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO2124/23/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO2234/23/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO2394/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO2414/18/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO2824/17/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3054/18/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3234/25/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3334/25/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3354/17/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3414/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3474/24/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3504/17/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3514/25/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3674/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3724/17/20199:00 AMView Now
PSYCO3774/15/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO3814/23/20192:00 PMView Now
PSYCO4054/18/20199:00 AMView Now
R SOC3554/23/20199:00 AMView Now
R SOC3754/18/20192:00 PMView Now
RELIG1024/17/20199:00 AMView Now
RELIG1034/18/20199:00 AMView Now
RELIG2004/17/20192:00 PMView Now
RELIG2744/18/20192:00 PMView Now
REN R1104/18/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R2604/24/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R3144/18/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R3504/16/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R3604/18/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R3644/16/20192:00 PMView Now
REN R3664/17/20192:00 PMView Now
REN R4424/17/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R4454/23/20199:00 AMView Now
REN R4834/18/20192:00 PMView Now
SCAND3994/23/20192:00 PMView Now
SMO3114/24/20192:00 PMView Now
SMO4154/15/20192:00 PMView Now
SMO4164/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2034/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2414/25/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2514/23/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2604/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2714/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC2914/23/20192:00 PMView Now
SOC3014/17/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC3274/24/20192:00 PMView Now
SOC3664/25/20199:00 AMView Now
SOC3824/18/20192:00 PMView Now
SPAN1124/26/20192:00 PMView Now
STAT1514/12/20192:00 PMView Now
STAT2354/26/20192:00 PMView Now
STAT3534/18/20192:00 PMView Now
STAT3714/24/20199:00 AMView Now
STAT4794/24/20199:00 AMView Now
ZOOL2424/18/20199:00 AMView Now
ZOOL3254/23/20199:00 AMView Now
ZOOL3424/23/20199:00 AMView Now


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