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1. There’s nothing to do but attend unoriginal and boring events

Anyone up for the annual sock fight on green and gold day? What about Headphone disco, free movie nights on Tuesdays, and Antifreeze – does anyone even know what this event is about? There’s always something or other going on around campus which makes it hard to prioritize which ones to attend.

2. The University doesn’t care about me

Young adulthood can be a stressful time of personal growth, especially with the added stress of university expectations. The UofA understands this, and is always trying to find ways to support the mental health of students. Various groups are available for students to go to if they are feeling down and need some help. Also, UofA Compliments rocks!

3. Volunteering takes priority over studying

Perhaps it is just me, but I cannot resist the urge to volunteer at any event that I hear of. Of course, there are higher chances of me volunteering if I get: free food, a T-shirt, and more food. Meeting people at these events is also a big plus and helps me get out of my usual introvert self. Can I put ‘professional volunteer’ on my resume?

4. I have forever lost an appetite for popcorn

I swear that I see a mini popcorn machine about every other week, and the fresh popping smell just overwhelms my senses. The worst part is that they are usually free, and I must resist the urge to go to the table, pretend I am interested in whatever they have to say, grab a bag and walk away with glee.

5. Puppies are everywhere

So, I love dogs. Puppies are even better. As such, I believe that puppy therapy is the most genius idea anyone has ever come up with. THANK YOU whoever you are!

6. I gravitate towards unhealthy eating

I have eaten enough of the staple university food for students (pizza) to last a lifetime. Never would I imagine that I would eat this much pizza in the span of a year and a half. Especially since Dominoes offers 50% off for the University. Events and information sessions order pizza as a default and I am always on the lookout for free food.

7. I have to interact with people

I consider myself to be an introvert, and am OK with it. But being at the UofA has allowed me to discover that I possess qualities of an extrovert as well. We all have that within us, and I don’t believe anyone can be classified as only an introvert or a full extrovert. I have learnt to be more open and welcoming which has greatly impacted my social circle. But of course, always putting time aside to be by myself and enjoy the quietness of my room.


8. The World has become so much smaller

Especially because I live on residence, I have met so many people from all around the globe and this has made the world seem smaller than it is. No longer is the Earth just a huge round surface divided into territories, but one which contains friends at all ends. Goodbyes are always hard, but are always filled with promises to visit one another.

9. Going here makes it easy to waste time

Edmonton pretty much has 6 months of winter, 1 month of spring, 4 months of summer, and 1 month of fall. Regardless, I have witnessed breath-taking sites after staying here a full year and I’m one of those people that like to document stuff with pictures. So while I’m walking around on campus, I occasionally take my phone out to take pictures. Especially if there are squirrels or rabbits around.

10. I’m someone’s lab rat

This might not only be unique to the UofA, but being part of the numerous research studies going on (especially in psychology) makes me proud to be a student here. Also, the compensation usually in the form of $$ doesn’t hurt. OK, who am I kidding; the compensation is the only reason I participate in these studies. But seriously, being a research participant gives me insight into what and how research is actually conducted.


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