Different types

1. The Engineer

They’re either the ones you never see (too busy studying), or the ones who always look tired (because they hardly sleep). When you talk to them, they always seem to be having a midterm, assignments to do or rushing off to class.

2. The Exchange student

They may complain about how much work they have to do, but ultimately will excuse their bad grades because hey- they’re here to have fun! They take advantage of long weekends and Reading weeks to travel and explore areas like Toronto, San Francisco and Vancouver while the rest of us are here…reading.

3. The ‘Yes!’ but no-show

These are the people who are always down to do whatever…but don’t show up. Ask them a week before the event and it’s a resounding ‘yes, I’ll be there!’ Remind them again the night before, and they don’t get back to you until after the event – ‘Oh sorry, I totally forgot!’ or ‘I had work, my bad!’

4. The too-much-skin student

Granted, these past winters have been pretty warm (I walked around in a T-shirt once), but wearing shorts when it’s below 0˚ degrees Celsius is a bit much. I mean, where can one get legs that don’t feel cold? What’s weird is that while their bottom half is exposed, their upper body is all bundled up giving the impression that someone skipped leg day. Alternatively, there is the…

5. The camouflaged-in-coat student

Are you quite sure you have enough layers on? This type of student is always cold regardless of the temperature. While others are wearing tanks and flip flops, they have scarves around their necks and fur hoods covering their head.

6. The I-work-out student

This type of student can be spotted rather easily- they have running shoes tied to the outside of their backpacks. I’m not sure if this is a UofA thing, or a Canadian thing, but it is definitely a trend that is new to me. I get it, you have nice shoes that you ocassionally put on. Fancy. At least mine are cozy and clean at home.

7. The one who is always getting ‘turnt up’

Ever have that one friend who seems to be drinking or clubbing like every night? (Apart from Lister residents) Be it at MKT, the Pint, Devaney’s, The Rack, wherever- they’ve been to all of them. How much red bull does one have to drink to achieve that amount of energy?    

8. The Runner


Admittedly, I have been this person, as I am sure we all have. I usually tend to fast walk (running cramps my style), but when I really am late for class I might be obliged to run for it. Get out of the way people can’t you see I’m running here?! (This person may or may not also be the person who enters class like an hour late)

9. The Turtles


For a higher chance of spotting this type of person, walk through HUB mall during one of the rush hours after class has just ended. These people like to walk in groups, and while they are busy chatting, they fill up the entire lane and cause congestion. I mean, it’s great that you’re taking life slowly, but can you please GET OUT OF THE WAY? This is especially exasperating for the runners.

10. The Gourmet Luncher


Mostly identifiable in classes that are longer than an hour, this type of person will be the one sitting anywhere within your peripheral view that always has delicious looking lunch (or dinner depending on the time). OK, it doesn’t even have to look delicious, but just the smell of the food filling up your nostrils is enough to make your mouth water regardless of the fact that you just ate, or that there is food in your bag. Excuse me- yes you, can you please feed me?  


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