So you have gotten accepted to UofA. You’re excited, new surroundings, finally being on your own! It comes to the time to start packing for dorm living at AZSO Residence Hall, but what do you pack? After all, you have no idea how big the rooms are going to be! Well, here at Arizona-Sonora Residence Hall our rooms are big enough to fit three people, but there’s still things to consider when moving in.

Consideration 1: Your Roommate

You are going to get a roommate regardless. Whether it’s in the beginning of the school year or mid-semseter, your going to have a roommate. So keeping them in mind when you pack is definitely a necessity. You don’t want to invade their space with your stuff unless its something but of you agreed on sharing. There are ways to get in touch with your roommate before move-in, like accessing the roommate message portal. Make sure that you both share the responsibilities of bringing things, like a microwave and fridge. Communication with your roommate is key before move-in.

Consideration 2: Dorm Decorations

You are going to want to decorate your dorm, without a doubt. Who wants to live in a place that looks like your being held captive, you want it to make you feel like home so you are going to pack so many different pictures, posters, and tapestries. Word of the wise is, make sure you read the rules and regulations of dorm decorations. AZSO has a policy about no holes in the wall. So basically, anything you can hang up with wall tack putty, or 3M wall strips, and thumb tacks is acceptable. You also can NOT hang anything from the ceiling due to the fire alarm and sprinkler system in the rooms. So always make sure your decorations are dorm safe.

Consideration 3: How You Will Get Into Bed

The beds in AZSO, let alone any other residence hall, are pretty high. They are high enough to touch the ceiling, and they come with stairs built into the end of the bed. The stairs at the end of the bed are no help at all! You can barely get enough grip to pull yourself into bed. So when packing, consider packing a step stool or stairs of some sort. You could always ask maintenance to lower the bed but where is the fun in that. A lowered bed ruins the vibes of a college dorm!!!

Consideration 4: Packing Clothes for Every Season and Occassion

As a college student, you are going to want to only wear sweatpants and long sleeve shirts. Here in Arizona, it’s hot… like sauna hot during any season but winter. Winter turns into the temperature of a big meat freezer. Exaggeration aside, it’s strongly advised that you pack clothes that can be worn year round, through the different seasons and many mood swings Arizona goes through. Oh, and don’t forget about the slight chance that somebody will ask you out to a nice dinner or you’re going to a party.Jus always prepare for any possible situation.

Consideration 5: Dorm Food

You may get a food plan here at UofA, but its always a good idea to have food and snacks in your dorm. You may not want to always eat out and enjoying a home cooked meal can’t be too bad. Snacking as a college student is a must so your definitely going to want to stock up o snacks. So as you pack, pack a box of poptarts and ramen noodles, because sometimes eating simple feels wonderful. Oh, and meal plans last you both semesters so, be smart about it.

So before you say you are ready for college at UofA and AZSO dorms make sure you’ve gone through the AZSO dorm checklist. You always want to be prepared. It will save you a lot of time and irritation of having too much or not the right stuff. ALWAYS BE PREPARED!

Devyn Perry

Freshman at UofA! I am a Veterinary Science major and Im excited to write to you guys about my freshman experience at college and ways to survive! I hope you enjoy my posts!!

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