Tucson has more to offer than the local University Blvd. bars and downtown hotspots.  There are several locations in Tucson that aren’t necessarily well-known until you hear about them from people. These stores, restaurants, and sunset lookout locations will only add to the amazing college experience at the University of Arizona, and are definitely brag-worthy.

1. Gates Pass

Gates Pass runs along the crest of Tucson Mountains and if you are a lover of beautiful views, a little bit of hiking, and amazing sunsets, this is the place to go. There are plenty of mountains to hike in Tucson to watch our unbeatable sunsets, but Gates Pass is the best option since it’s a quick drive from the University and hiking is optional.

2. University Blvd. Boutiques

The main strip of stores closest to the University of Arizona is on University Blvd. You have your Starbucks, CVS, local bars etc., but the best part are the unique, and easily affordable boutiques. Swindlers, Collette Clothing, and Boutique 816 are the best shopping locations to find different yet in-style clothing, shoes, and accessories. Of course there is an Urban Outfitters, but nothing beats a unique find at a local boutique.

3. Time Market

Aside from the great bars and restaurants along the main stream of stores on University Blvd., there is a hidden gem two blocks down from the mainstream of stores, Time Market. Time Market is a cute little grocery store that also acts as a restaurant with the most amazing subs, slices, and to-die-for kale salad. Once you have gone and tasted their amazing food you will not be able to resist. They also sell organic groceries and liquor. This cute location is a must. It’s even the first stop off the Sun Linker heading westbound from University Blvd. if you don’t feel like making the walk.

4. Oregano’s…mmm

One of the best and most well-known desserts is a pizookie, there are several places where you can get one of these delicious goodies. But Oregano’s is the place to go for the warm half-baked cookie treat, topped with ice cream and chocolate chips. What could be better? If you’re familiar with the Tucson area, Oregano’s is on Speedway Blvd. which is the closest location to campus and makes for a perfect afternoon snack after a long day of those Saturday Tailgates.

5. UA Main Campus Farmer’s Market

The Fall Campus Farmer’s Market is held on the University of Arizona Mall and celebrates local produce, giving students exposure to the local companies and goods. Food, coffee, clothing, honey, soaps, and oils are also sold at separate stands. This Farmer’s Market creates a  community vibe and an exposure to local products.

There are so many hidden gems within the town of Tucson, and these places are great to explore and visit with your friends and even take your family over parents weekend. They all have their own unique feel and make for a great experience at the University of Arizona.

Zoe Hutchings

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