When majoring in Veterinary Science or any animal related major, ACBS 102R is a required class. ACBS 102R is the lecture portion of Animal Science and helps vets understand animal background, anatomy, and reproduction. However, there are a few concepts that could interest anybody! Here are 5 topics discussed in this course:

Topic 1: Poultry Production

The professors try to make students understand the importance of poultry and the production line. Poultry consumption is increasing every year, so the production of poultry must increase in order to meet the demand of society. Along with the poultry production, professors also address poultry reproduction to eggs and baby hens. This could potentially spark anyone’s interest when it comes to working with farm animals.

Topic 2: Nutrition

It’s important for students to understand how feeding cost affects the production costs. Nutrition also addresses the animal’s metabolism and digestion system. The professors also make sure that students understand the difference between monogastrics and ruminants. Monogastrics means an animal has one stomach, and this includes animals like poultry, cats, pigs, dogs, etc. A ruminant means that an animal has a rumen and chews their cud, including animals like sheep, cattle, goats, and other wild animals. The professors go into details about the two different types of nutrition categories. This topic is perfect for those who want a job directly related to animal nutrition and health.

Topic 3: Ranch Management

This course will always go into great detail about the beef industry in Arizona. They are trying to get students to understand the importance of Ranch Management and how to properly take care of land used for the ranch. They go through average ranch management and how the land is used and owned. Students are required to understand and research the different type of lands that are used and managed. This would be perfect for those who want to work with animal management and own their own ranch.

Topic 4: Common Diseases of Wildlife

Professors will also teach about the different diseases that are present and common in wildlife. There are diseases that are not only zoonotic (diseases that wildlife can contract but that can be transmitted to humans) but are also deadly. They name off the different diseases and give the treatments that can be provided to cure the infections. There are some viruses that cannot be treated but that can be controlled. The professors ensure that students understand this concept. This is perfect for veterinary science majors and those who want to work with wildlife.

Topic 5: Genetics

We also learn about animal genetics and some of the hereditary genes they can receive. The professors strive to teach the importance of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) and the meaning they have. We also learn about phenotypes, which is the physical characteristic and performance of an animal, and genotypes, the genetic makeup of an animal. The professor goes over different types of gene dominance. This is important for any vet student.

Whether you want to be a nutritionist for animals or a vet technician, ACBS 102R offers different topics for your particular interest. This class is mainly student-interest based and a requirement for Vet Sci majors here at UA. So check the class out! You’ll be surprised as to what you can learn from it.

Devyn Perry

Freshman at UofA! I am a Veterinary Science major and Im excited to write to you guys about my freshman experience at college and ways to survive! I hope you enjoy my posts!!

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