Everyone wants to have the best classes and teachers when going into it for the first time, but that’s not always guaranteed. Some people luck out with great professors, while others aren’t so lucky. It’s best to know ahead of time who the good teachers are, so here’s 10 of the best at University of Arkansas!

1. Christopher Shields

Chris shields university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Criminal Justice

Courses Taught:

CMJS2043 – Learn More
CRIM2013 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Shields. He makes learning about criminal law very interesting. Make sure you attend class, take notes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“I absolutely LOVE Dr. Shields. He makes learning about criminal law very interesting. Make sure you attend class, take notes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”

“He is the man. Really cares about his students and will go above and beyond to help you out. Tests can be tricky, but if you do the required reading and go to class each day and take notes, you have everything you need to make a good grade.”

2. Casey Harris

Casey harris university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Sociology

Courses Taught:

SOCI3413 – Learn More
SOCI3303 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“One of the greatest professors at the University of Arkansas. He is positive, upbeat, and knows what he is talking about. Lectures are entertaining and he loves classroom participation. You do not want to skip his class!”

“Dr. Harris was a great professor, the subject is hard and boring but he makes it pretty interesting. While he doesn’t take attendance, there will be random quizzes and homework you have to be present to participate in.”

“Dr. Harris made this class fun by bringing in interesting data and showing us how actual research works. Some of his examples were funny, which made them easier to remember.”

3. Grace Archie

Jessica Archie

Rating: 100%
Department: Health Sciences

Courses Taught:

CHLP2101 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Ms. Archie is such a wonderful person. Usually teachers talk about how they are willing to help you outside of class but then never do. She’s not like that at all. If she says something, she means it.”

“Mrs. Archie is a fantastic professor. She is very considerate and easy to work with and if you ever need any help outside of class she’s always available. She’s just a great person!”

“I absolutely loved having Ms. Archie as a teacher. I can’t believe people feel like she graded hard, as long as you follow the directions she gives you you should get A’s on everything.”

4. Hannah Suggs

Hannah suggs university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught:

COMM1313 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“My favorite class this semester! Ms. Suggs is super peppy & makes classes fun by doing competitions and activities. It was a great class environment where everyone in the class got to know each other.”

“This teacher cares that the students do well. She is always willing to help, give bonus, and makes class enjoyable/fun.”

“Honestly, the best class I took freshman year. By far the most caring, fun, exciting teacher I had all year. She helps you understand the assignments and gives good constructive criticism that helps you to get better.”

5. John Gauch

John Gauch

Rating: 100%
Department: Computer Science

Courses Taught:

CSCE2004 – Learn More
CSCE2014 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Very helpful professor! Dr. Gauch made foundations 2 easy to understand: he’s good at explaining things, and if you have questions he is very easy to talk to!”

“Other professors really need to see how he works with his students. Fun. Engaging. Makes the subject interesting. Gives good explanations. Explains with powerpoints, the board, funny analogies, sample code, and sample programs.”

“Dr John Gauch is probably the nicest professor at the university. He genuinely wants you to succeed. His homework and labs are really straight forward and related to the subjects talked about in class.”

6. Scott Miller

Scott Miller university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Business

Courses Taught:

FINN3603 – Learn More
WCOB1033 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“By far the most helpful teacher I have had!! He makes the material very easy to understand and works through every problem you have answering all questions along the way. He’s extremely smart and wants all his students to succeed.”

“Scott has the ability to teach and communicate difficult material in an effective manner. He is accessible and willing to go the extra mile to help students learn.”

“Really great teacher. If you have to take data, you need to take him. He wants everyone to do good in the class. I felt VERY prepared for the final, which is his goal. I definitely recommend him!”

7. Tammy Overacker

Tammy overacker university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Politcal Science

Courses Taught:

PLSC2003 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Great Professor. She has a real interest in the subject that carries over to her lectures. I would absolutely recommend her.”

“One of my favorite college professors, she was incredibly engaging, extremely clear, and made for one of the best classroom experiences I have ever had. Intriguing, extremely kind and understanding, you will be grateful you had her as your professor.”

“Tammy is a devoted and caring teacher who runs a smooth classroom. Passionate about her role as a professor, she is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Go out of your way to have her as an instructor.”

8. Kelly Riley

Kelly Riley university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENGL1023 – Learn More
ENGL0003 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“She is a great teacher, wants you to get it seems to really be concerned for you and wanting you to understand the material. Also is always willing to help even after your out of her class.”

“She is a great teacher! Enthusiastic. Truly wants everyone to do well in the class. Papers can be a little challenging- but she is very available if you need help!”

“I have her her for basic writing. She’s really nice. She brings birthday cakes to class. She offers a lot of helpful comments on papers. She grades a little hard but not too bad. Mostly, she cares about students and wants them to do well. I really recommend her as a teacher.”

9. Miroslav Penkov

Miroslav Penkov university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: English

Courses Taught:

ENGL1013 – Learn More
COMP1213 – Learn More
COMP1103 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Miro is awesome! He’s understanding to the fact that we as students are not excited to be there, and he make things interesting in a very efficient amt. of time.”

“He’s very helpful and fun. He makes life easy for students. There’s a good amount of homework because of department requirements- but its easy and painless.”

“He understands the amount of interest students have to a required course so he goes over important material then moves on. Open to suggestions for the class and he makes you laugh. Take his class with an open mind and you will have fun.”

10. Trevor Francis

Trevor francis university of arkansas

Rating: 100%
Department: Communications

Courses Taught:

COMM1313 – Learn More
ARSC1001 – Learn More

Student Reviews:

“Do the work and you’ll be fine, he’s such a nice teacher. You should def. take him he made the speech class really fun and comfortable for everyone.”

“By far Dr. Francis’ class was my favorite of this semester. He was really helpful with our speeches and actually made us better public speakers. I would 100% recommend him to anybody!”

“Professor Francis is pretty awesome! His class is super easy. He’s super laid back. He focused on having the speeches casual and easy going. Heard other speech professors were tough.”

Notable Research per Faculty at University of Arkansas

1. Andrew Alverson

Andrew Alverson

Faculty: Department of Biology

Andrew Alverson is a professor at U Arkansas who teaches in the Department of Biology. His labs current research studies the origin of diatoms and their evolution, and the evolution of sea life from marine life to fresh water. He has multiple publications to his name.

2. Marlis R. Douglas

Marlis R. Douglas

Faculty: Department of Biology

Professor Douglas teaches in the Biology Department about Life Sciences. Her research is about conservation of biodiversity across the globe. She tests many hypotheses in her labs, mainly using fishes as model organisms.

3. Matt McIntosh

Matt mcintosh university of arkansas

Faculty: Department of Chemistry

Matt McIntosh is the Chemistry Department Vice Chair, as well as an Organic Chemistry teacher at U Arkansas. His research group studies synthetic organic chemistry, and the recreation of natural materials in a lab environment.

4. Charles Wilkins

Charles Wilkins

Faculty: Department of Chemistry

Charles Wilkins is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry who focuses on teaching Analytical Chemistry. His research right now involves something called Fourier transform mass spectrometry, used for high mass analysis. His research is aimed at understanding the processes used to create lasers.

5. Ralph Henry

Ralph L. Henry

Faculty: Department of Biology

Ralph Henry is a Distinguished Professor in the Biological Sciences at U Arkansas. His research is devoted to protein production and therapy; his protein therapy study is aimed at helping methamphetamine addiction.

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