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Its February, gone is the deadline to apply to UBC, so some of you have completed the application, answered questions about yourself and now anxiously await acceptance. Meanwhile, those at UBC are struggling to get to classes through the icy pathways and staying up pulling all-nighters for midterm season. At this point in time, it is essential for both of you to acknowledge and appreciate what only those who go to UBC understand. Here we go:

1. Long line at Sauder Tim’s

There aren’t many difficult decisions in the day as whether to spend the 10-minute break between classes in the snake-like queue at the Tim Horton’s next to Sauder School of Business. The Trek Express, as it is known is bustling with our caffeine-starved fellows but after all everybody needs their fix so you get in the line anyway.

2. No space at IKB during finals week

Once you finally decide to be productive, it is hard to find the ultimate study spot that helps you maximize this sudden burst of productivity. Cross out the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre because the common areas are almost always full in the peak study times. You’re lucky if you get anything done at the Chapman Commons without running into half your friends and lose that productivity burst. So, what’s left is a long walk to the Law School library, or Forest Sciences building.

3. Taking the 99 just to go to University Village

It’s a 6-10-minute walk but a short 2 minute ride with the 99 bus so, decide for yourself. Sure you crowd the bus but hey, its cold outside and you don’t want your fries to freeze on the way back to UBC!

4. Overpriced coffee/snack at the Nest/Ike’s

This one’s a topic of heated debate these days. Food on campus is not the most affordable. Especially, things like coffee or snacks which are so much cheaper at McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s. But if you decide against getting in line at Tim’s (see #1) you’re stuck with overpriced coffee from the Uppercase. Because obviously, you cant forgo caffeine for the opportunity cost of a few bucks!

5. Cramming the night, even hour before your WebWork is due

WebWork, WebWork, WebWork! No words to describe the feeling of dread and anxiety when its not done, and the feeling of relief and calm once it is. But it is due every week and we’re all together in this. So keep calm, and solve away.

6. Getting dressed for all four seasons in the same day

Vancouver is famously known as Raincouver. But this year has been a surprise as the cold reached heights and brought significant centimeters of snow. So we never knew how it would feel outside in the matter of getting from one class in Buchanan A to another in Swing Space. Alas, we had to prepare for all in layers and layers of clothing, and of course the much-needed umbrella!

7. Cursed heavens for your shortcuts to class being blocked by construction

Its great to see construction and development especially, when it results in the fancy new Aquatic Center. But when it blocks your shortest way to class, your time calculation is messed up and basically, your whole schedule trips over. Apocalyptic much!

8. Indulged in a heated debate on an anonymous UBC confession on Facebook

Don’t deny it. You browse through it every day when you have free time. It is anonymous and outrageous but we all go through it and even engage in harmless (or not so much!) banter on it.

9. Anxiously awaiting exam schedule to buy tickets to home

There’s a thing at UBC that potentially prevents hundreds from saving hundreds of dollars on transportation back home. Especially, international students and even those on the other side of the coast. It is the release of exam dates mid-semester when higher demand for tickets already drives the price up by a few hundreds. Why, we all ask? But, silence is all we get!

10. Subtly (or not) flaunting UBC pride in front of SFU students

#1-9 can be hard to live through but every day at some point we all thanks heavens for blessing us with UBC. We have a ton of resources at our disposable, phenomenal views from our buildings and basically, a whole lot of pride to show to non-UBC inhabitants! Note: DO NOT SPORT NON-UBC (READ: SFU) MERCHANDISE, YOU WILL BE JUDGED.


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