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UBC offers over 100s of classes. Most of the time you are forced to put reqiured courses in your timetable and usually there are 1 or 2 spaces left. These would be perfect for electives or GPA booster. If you are interested in taking some fun and exciting classes, here are 10 of the Coolest Classes at UBC!

1. ANTH 210 – Eating Culture

Remember how sometimes you zone out of a class into thoughts about the next meal? Well, this class will give you all the more reason to. It is about the anthropology of food, its collection and consumption. This means you are free (in fact bound) to think about how food shapes cultures and human society. Sweet deal!

2. ANTH 217 – Culture and Communication

The multilingual chitter-chatter on the Main Mall, the unfamiliar hand gesture in a class, the international student bewildered by the English language. This class serves all in pursuit of decoding communication in the context of different cultures. There’s probably a lot of reading in the course (with experience from another ANTH class) but its fun and worth it!

3. ECON 221 – Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Okay, so many of you will not agree that this is the coolest class because there’s probably a lot of Math involved in breaking down complex situations to small rational decisions. But, whether you’re into history, law, political science or anthropology you will come across strategic thinking and this class can help you develop the intuition to decode rational human behavior. Game theory is one of the most interesting applications of quantitative analysis if that’s your thing!

4. ECON 351 – Women in the Economy

Discrimination, wage gap, employment equity- these are all hot topics when election debates are on TV but take a step back and learn about them in a classroom setting. In this history-meets-economics course you are sure to have your eyes opened to the real roots of patriarchy and its horrible consequence in the form of women’s state in the economy. I just registered in it for the summer term!

5. FNH200 – Exploring Our Food

Maybe pair it up with ANTH-210 and dedicate the term to changing your eating habits because this course will surely reveal what goes inside processed food and food safety regulations. It will either boost your confidence in food regulation or lead you to all things au naturale.

6. FNH 330/335 – Introduction to Wine Science I/II

A course dedicated to exploring wine chemistry, taste and selection sounds like a treat but cherry on the cake is that my sources say it is easy to ace the course. A few quizzes and simple exams only take some serious note-taking skills on chemical formulae to make this course into a GPA-booster. And yes, a lot of activities involve wine tasting!!

7. FIST 220 – Hollywood Cinema 1930-1960

Attention movie buffs! Staying up all night watching your favorite classics with a bff discussing all aspects of cinema from actors to setting to distribution can count as an all-nighter for an exam if you take this course. Centered around the analysis of aesthetics, economics, history and technological characteristics of the Classical Hollywood period, this class has weekly one class and a tutorial. Not too demanding, but surely a ton of fun!

8. RELG 101 – Introduction to the Western (Abrahamic) Religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Its easy to get wound up in stereotypes about different faiths today but get your facts straight in this class that focuses on the three main monotheistic Western religions. There’s a lot of reading and writing involved but if you really want to bust some myths and have a meaningful conversation next time at an interfaith event, this can be a valuable investment of 3-credits and a term.

9. FIPR-131- Introduction to Screen Acting

Get credits for channeling out you inner diva? Bring it on! Calling all amateurs to this course so they can create emotionally engaged and narratively effective performances for digital platforms. Who knows you can bag an ad or short film by the end of the term!

10. ARTH 101 – Ways of Seeing: Introduction to Visual Studies

We see so much everyday. Colours, words, art, text, just so much. This class will help you make sense of it all. After all this is a visual world today and understanding how it shapes the culture and society can be extremely useful.


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