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UBC is a huge campus with my over 40000 students. Every day you could meet someone new. Here are 10 Types of People You Meet in UBC!

1. The Stereotyping One

…..who have trotted across the globe but can’t skip stereotyping!

2. The Confessing One

…..who choose to reveal these stereotypes on UBC Confessions..and elsewhere

3. The Commentator

….who has an opinion on everything so they call the latter out in the comments section

4. The Courteous One

……who smile, hold doors, say thanks, and actually care to be polite

5. The Over-achiever

……who have taken way to many courses each term but still go for it, resulting in frequent breakdowns. Seriously, how?

6. The Over-involved One

…..who free ride in clubs/organizations therefore, choose to be a part of too many. Hello? Application tips maybe?

7. The Instagrammer

…..who make university look like one big holiday on Instagram. Again, seriously how?  

8. The Fit One

…..who strides along campus forgoing the bus and carbs resulting in better thighs than the average person and just an overall glow. #goals

9. The Politician

…..who has strong ideas, revolutionary speeches and just stands up for us all. All hail!

10. The Whiner

…..there’s always something to be grateful about..even during midterms but there is one who always complains. Stop. Just Stop.


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