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The libraries here at the University of British Columbia (UBC) are a great place to study and finish important work. In fact, they often contain valuable resources that can help you with that! Here, you’ll find some hidden gems of library resources here at UBC.

1) Computers and Printers

Students using the computers in Woodward Library.

For the majority of libraries in UBC, they all contain computers available for student use. All of them are accessible with student accounts! The computers are connected to heavy duty printers where you can print assignments or documents for a small fee.

2) Borrowing Services

The Chapman Learning Commons Help Desk in Irving.

If you ever need to borrow technology, look no further than UBC’s libraries. At Irving, Koerner, Woodward, and David Lam Library, you can loan Laptops. For other items such as phone chargers, headphones, and projectors, the Chapman Learning Commons Help Desk in Irving lends these items. All you need is your UBC Student Library Card.

3) Bookable Group Study Rooms

One of the bookable group study rooms in Irving.

At Woodward, Koerner, Education, David Lam, Asian, and Irving Libraries, there are bookable group study rooms available to all students. To book a room, you can register online with the Library Room Booking system. You can sign into these Booking systems via your UBC account.

4) Walk-In Technology Support

The UBC IT Help desk table.

Located at the first floor of Koerner Library, The IT desk offers free walk-in support. This entails WIFI setup, connecting your laptop to printers in the library, troubleshooting of library computers, and IClicker support.

5) Workshop/Presentation Rooms

Related image

The Lillooet room. Furnished with round tables and chairs.

For students that have something valuable they want to teach or present to a large audience, they can book the Dodson and Lillooet rooms located in Irving. However, the the activities cannot include meetings, fundraisers, or anything commercial.

6) Online Library Indexes & Databases

A screenshot of what the UBC online library looks like

For research papers, students can access the online library database to find literature and research papers. Some are accessible online whereas others needed to be physically rented out. Conveniently, the location and status of books are provided in the searches.

7) Tutoring and Coaching

A student being tutored in the Learning Commons.

Located on the third floor of the Irving Library is the UBC Learning Commons. Students can book free sessions for writing, math, study tips, tutoring, and academic coaching!

8) Guided Library Tours

The Ridington Room. A place of interest in the Irving Library.

For students interested in learning more about the libraries at UBC, tours can be booked at the library branch. The tours offer an insight into the history of the library as well as other fun facts.

Libraries at UBC

1) Irving K. Barber Learning Centre

A full overview of the front of Irving.

Irving has four floors. The first and the second are in open areas, great for group projects or just relaxing. The third and fourth floors are quiet areas located within the library. The library is open from 6am – 1am.

2) Walter . Koerner Library

The front of Koerner Library.

Koerner has 5 floors. The first floor is the group study area, whereas the rest are silent study areas. Koerner is a great place to focus and get some studying or assignments done. The library is open from 7:30am – 10pm.

3) Law Library at Allard Hall

The inside of the Library at Allard Hall.

For students interested in law, Allard Hall contains a plethora of legal information and research resources available. There are many large tables in the library that groups can take advantage of. The library is open from 8:30am – 10pm.

4) Woodward Library

The first floor of Woodward library with many comfortable chairs.

Woodward has 3 floors. Unlike other libraries, all floors are considered quiet areas. The first floor mainly consists of computers, while the second and third floors are filled with bookcases, tables, and bookable group study rooms. The library is open from 8am – 10pm.

5) Xwi7xwa Library

The front of the Xwi7xwa Library.

The Xwi7xwa library is home to a wide collection of Aboriginal information. This includes materials such as videos, maps, and journals. The library staff are well informed to help students to find the materials they are looking for. The library is open from 9am-5pm.

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