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Jobs Opportunities for Students at University of Calgary

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Francis Nyamu
16 Dec 2018
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The University of Calgary is a popular institution in the Alberta region. The university constitutes four campuses enrolling scholars for undergraduate, graduate and degree programs. Besides accommodating numerous students for various programs, the school guarantees the provision of outstanding services. Resultantly, a majority of the alumni treasure the campus causing them to continue living and working within the region. This factor,therefore, led to the introduction of a variety of student jobs that sustain the learners eventually. Such relevant jobs and opportunities at the institution are in the list below.

1. Programming Assistant

A student working as a programming assistant in the Digital Skills for the University of Calgary Youth Program

Ottawa partnership jobs with the institution emerge through the government’s youth employment strategy. The description for this job entails learners working as interns as they boost their digital knowledge and skills. Additionally, the requirements of the job include being a student at the University at least for two years. However, the ease of acquiring the opportunity is quite unpredictable because Ottawa grants a few student opportunities to the campus.

2. A Casual Cashier

Students performing her information desk customer service role

 A casual cashier performs primary tasks like processing client purchases and ensuring the right entry records. Additionally,the job requires you to respond to the inquiries of the customers. According to the institution, the job requires scholars to works weekdays between 9.a.m. and6 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Most importantly, the application for this opportunity is through the campus' bookstore website.

3. A Stockroom Assistant

A learner working as a stockroom assistant

As a stockroom assistant, you will focus on receiving items and arranging them on the proper shelf for neat display. Given the nature of the task, the job requires minimum skills. You can secure the opportunity by applying through the campus’ website. After that, you will work according to the schedule you provide when hired.

4. Dishwasher

A dishwasher at the ancillary department kitchen

 Food services at the university provide different job opportunities through http://www.ucalgaryservices/catering. As a result, students, particularly those partaking catering, apply for these jobs through the website. Often, the task description entails accomplishing primary kitchen activities like dishwashing and serving among others. In essence, these learners work part-time to enhance their skills, as well as,knowledge in the field.

5. Gym Instructor

A scholar serving as a gym instructor

The institution hires learners for outdoor center jobs during April and May. Habitually, up to ten scholars are employed, and their task is often part-time in May and June and full-time in July. Normally, the university provides postings of these job opportunities through the outdoor center’s official website, which are available trained students. However,inexperience is not a limitation because training for the job is available during employment.

6. Volunteer Teacher

Volunteer student teaching street children

Besides selecting paying jobs in and off campus,students choose to work as volunteers. Occasionally, the University of Calgary provides street programs off campus where volunteers interact with cultural and social agencies. As such, these learners gain exposure, as well as, experience in associating with experts and the community. Often, volunteer jobs are scheduled for weekends.

7. Online Note Taker

Jobs Opportunities For Students at University of Calgary

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