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Math Courses at the University of Calgary

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Kelly Solak
10 Jul 2020
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When talking about life at college, especially math classes, students can get pretty intimidated by the difficulty of the classes. Alma mater of Stephen Harper who is the former Prime Minister of Canada, math courses are part of the graduation requirements here at UCalgary. To helps students excel, the math faculty here are well-prepared to support their students' academics. Check out these 10 math classes at the University of Calgary.

1. Mathematics 205-Mathematical Explorations

Image of a math equation.

This is a math appreciation course. Topics include historical information on the development of mathematic ideas as well as the evolution of newer mathematics. This course is three credits for students to complete.

Scott Robison is a highly rated math professor for the department. Prerequisites include Mathematics 30-1, 30-2, or Mathematics 2 which is offered by Continuing Education courses. This course teaches students many different ways to view mathematics aside from just solving equations.

2. Mathematics 249-Introductory Calculus

Overview of campus at UC.

Mathematics 249 is an introduction to single variable calculus. Limits, derivatives and integrals of algebraic are key units to the course. Additional topics include applications of differentiation and the fundamental theorem of calculus. This course has multiple professors who teach it.

This is a three credit course for students to complete throughout the semester. Prerequisites include Mathematics 30-1 or Mathematics 2. Credit for Mathematics 249 and either 265 or 275 will not be allowed.

3. Mathematics 273-Numbers and Proofs

Students sitting in a row in class.

This class is a rigorous introduction to proof solutions and complex mathematical reasoning with a specific focus on number systems. This course is three credits for students to complete. It can be very challenging but faculty is always willing to help.

Jim Stallard is a great professor in the math department. Prerequisites in the course include a grade of 90 per cent or higher in both Mathematics 30-1 and 31 or consent of the Department. If students are struggling, tutoring is available through the University.

4. Mathematics 307-Complex Analysis I

Professors working with students.

Mathematics 307, Complex Analysis I, is a course that is three credits. Topics include differentiation, Cauchy-Riemann equations, line integration, and Cauchy’s theorem. A great professor for this course is Mark Bauer.

Prerequisites include Mathematics 211 or 213 and Mathematics 267 or 277 and Mathematics 271 or 273. Credit for Mathematics 307 and 421 will not be allowed. Students find this course complex, but also very rewarding.

5. Mathematics 315-Algebra I

Students working in a building on at UCalgary

This course gives a broad overview of the elementary theory of groups, rings and fields. It covers in greater detail topics covered in high school algebra. This course is three credits for students to complete. Polynomial rings and matrix groups are some topics students have trouble with in this class.

Professors vary for this course, but all are very helpful and encouraging to students. Two prerequisites for this course include Mathematics 271 and 273. Credit for Mathematics 315 and Pure Mathematics 317 will not be allowed.

6. Mathematics 318-Introduction to Cryptography

Professor teaching students in class.

This course covers a broad range of concepts in cryptography. Content that is tested on will primarily focus on mathematics theory and proof-oriented homework problems. Additional application programming exercises will be available for extra credit to help students get more practice as well.

This course is three credits for students to complete. Prerequisites include Mathematics 211 or 213 and Mathematics 271 or 273. Credit for Mathematics 318 and any of Pure Mathematics 329, Computer Science 418, 429, or 557 will not be given. A great professor for this course is Michael Cavers.

7. Mathematics 331-Advanced Calculus for the Natural Sciences

Math equations image.

Mathematics 331 is a broad exploration of differential and integral calculus with a focus on techniques used in the natural sciences for students. Additional topics include notions of probability and normal distribution as well as the Fourier transform which can be very complex for students to learn. It is a three credit course for students to complete.

Prerequisites are Mathematics 267 or 277 and Mathematics 211 or 213. Credit for Mathematics 331 and either 367 or 377 will not be allowed. Professors vary by semester, but all have a record of being very helpful to students.

8. Mathematics 383-Introduction to Mathematical Finance

Professor teaching to a  lecture hall of students.

This course is an introduction to the fundamental ideas of mathematical finance in an elementary setting. Topics include risk, return, no arbitrage principles and basic financial derivatives which students find very practical for when they enter the work force. Three credit hours are given to students who complete the course.

Statistics 321 is a prerequisite for this course. This course was formerly known as Applied Mathematics 481. Many concepts taught in this course pertain the real world, and Gilad Gour is a great professor who teaches it.

9. Mathematics 515-Foundations

Building on campus at UCalgary

This course is designed for upperclassmen. Set theory, mathematical logic, and category theory are ideas that are covered. Topics taught will vary though based on interests of students and instructor, which is very appealing to students in the course. It gives freedom to learn more about topics that interest individual students and the class a whole.

Three credits are given for this course once it is complete. Professors vary for this course, but all are wonderful and have the students best interest in mind. Mathematics 431 and Mathematics 335 or 355 are prerequisites for this course.

10. Mathematics 545-Analysis III

Hangout spot for students on campus at University of Calgary

Sequences and series of functions are main units that are covered in the course and students say this can be difficult and overwhelming at first. Darius Holland is a highly rated professor in the math department. Distributions and generalized functions are also taught in detail.

This course is three credits for students to complete. Mathematics 445 or 447 and 3 units of Mathematics in the Field of Mathematics at the 400 level or above are prerequisites needed for this course. Credit for Mathematics 545 and 603 will not be allowed if this course is taken.

All in all, the University of Calgary offers many excellent courses that are helpful to students reach their full potential and gain experiences for future careers. Hope this article gave you some ideas as to which math courses you can take!


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