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10 University of Calgary Buildings You Need to Know

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Lauren Haislip
17 Sep 2018
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The University of Calgary is a public research university in Calgary, Alberta. The college started in 1944. The school has over 25,000 undergraduate students and about 6,000 graduate students. Before you step on campus, check out 10 important buildings as well as some fun facts about the University of Calgary.

1. Mackimmie Library

Mackimmie Library This uniquely designed library is open every day from 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Students can log on the library’s website ahead of time and check to see which computer workstations are available and which are already full.

2. Child Development Centre

Child Development Centre This colorful building opened in 2007 and focuses on the development of children and their families. The environmentally friendly building is certified as LEED Platinum.

3. Energy Environment Experiential Learning Building

Energy Environment Experiential Learning Building This building is a place where undergraduate students can learn in a hands-on setting. The building contains teaching labs, classrooms, and seminar space. This beautifully designed building is one of the most energy-efficient lab buildings in North America and is certified LEED Platinum.

4. Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning This beautiful, new building is meant to promote collaborative learning through the use of technology while using flexible space and furniture. The building is home to the faculty of curriculum development.

5. Aurora Hall

Aurora Hall This architecturally fascinating residence hall is for upper, international, and transfer students. The apartments inside have private baths and kitchens. The hall is also connected to the dining centre via an underground tunnel.

6. Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy to do at the University of Calgary. The fitness centre offers programs such as group fitness classes and personal training. In addition, the university also has an aquatic centre, gymnastics centre, and racquet centre.

7. Information + Communication Technology Building

Information + Communication Technology Building This beautiful, sustainable building is home to the Computer Science Department and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. The building has a lot of natural light and contains North America’s first slab radiant cooling system.

8. MacEwan Student Centre

MacEwan Student Centre The student center is the home of the Student Union. Inside you can also find the bookstore, career services, and the Center for International Students and Study Abroad.

9. The Olympic Oval

The Olympic Oval The Oval is a speed-skating facility that was part of the 1988 Olympic Games. It is one of two covered competitive speed skating ice surfaces in North America. The University also uses it as a research facility for their Faculty of Kinesiology.

10. Administration Building

Administration Building Yet another LEED certified building, the Administration Building is home to the Executive Offices, Board of Governors Office, Chancellor, Legal Services, and the Department of Psychology. This environmentally friendly building has improved HVAC, lighting, and air quality.

Interesting Facts about University of Calgary

1. The university has won awards.

University of Calgary Logo It was ranked number 1 among young universities in North America by the QS World Universities Ranking in the Top 50 under 50 category and was also ranked by the Times Higher Education Ranking in the Top 150 under 50 category.

2. The University played a role in the Calgary winter Olympics.

Calgary Winter Olympics - 1988 The University of Calgary helped host the XV Olympic Winter Games in 1988.

3. The University has a plethora of degree options.

Diploma and Graduation Hat The school offers 250 programs with 14 faculties, 55 departments, and 85 research institutes and centers.

4. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved at the University of Calgary.

Students' Union Logo There are over 300 student clubs to join or if you have at least 20 members, you can start your own!

5. The University of Calgary has an interesting mascot.

Rex the Dino The athletic teams are knows as the Calgary Dinos and their mascot is a dinosaur named Rex. The University of Calgary is a great school to attend. Come take a campus tour to learn more about what this school has to offer and to see the beautiful buildings for yourself!


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