Are you looking for some easy classes to take? Here are 11 of The Easiest Classes at UC Berkeley!

1. College Writing 25AC

Average Grade: A. If you’re interested in American education and how it works in multicultural contexts, this is the right class for you. Heck, with this average grade, it’s the right class for anyone looking for a GPA booster! It also completes the AC requirement, a huge plus for undergraduates out there.

2. Art 8

Are you looking to fuel your inner Picasso? Look no further, Art 8 is here to satisfy your inner talents as well as add a nice and solid A to your transcript. Who knows, maybe you’ll become a world renowned sculptor or painter one day!

3. Landscape Architecture 1

Average Grade: A. Want to apply your newfound Art 8 skills in an environmental concept? Landscape Architecture 1 is the class for you. A class open to all undergraduates, you will investigate the process of drawing in order to figure out how to accurately and/or abstractly portray the environment.

4. English 43A

Average Grade: A. On the way to becoming a future English major? Ever considered a career in writing? Simply want to boost your GPA because of that hard technical you took last semester? English 43A can be your friend. Open to all, it is a class for students interested in writing about fiction. Looking forward to your next horror story!

5. Music 29

Average Grade: A. It’s no problem if you suck at drawing, so do I. But hey! Pick up the guitar, piano, cello, viola, or who knows what and start playing! Care to learn more? Music 29 is ready to take your elementary instrument knowledge to the next level.

6. South Asian 142

Average Grade: A. India’s Great Epics have a lot to do with how we live our lives. If you are interested in exploring other culture’s, finding your inner self, or improving your karma in terms of increasing your GPA, take South Asian 142 without a doubt. (Plus: The professor is awesome!!!)

7. Naval Science 12B

Average Grade: A. Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate’s life for me. Interested in channeling your inner Jack Sparrow? Naval Science 12B will teach you all about the various aspects of ship operations at sea. From principles of terrestrial navigation to the open rules of the road (ahem, ocean), this class will ensure that you don’t walk the GPA plank.

8. Theater 10

Average Grade: A-. At Berkeley, almost everything is drama filled. Why not harness the power of all the academic chaos that is going on around you and submerging yourself into the art of acting? Theater 10 is a wonderful class for those students who are either looking go jump out of their shells, or students who are interested in the arts.

9. Letters and Sciences 25

Average Grade: A-. The spirit of design is everywhere on campus. From the interesting architecture of VLSB to the wonderful structure of Soda Hall, Letters and Sciences 25 will make sure that you will have analytical views for every building you step into. The central theme revolves around events held on campus, so you will be in the now at all times!

10. Environmental Design 4B

Average Grade: A-. Taken right from the class description, “The study of cities is more important than ever.” What??? Importance??? Yes!!! If you are drawn towards important and relevant learning material, take Environmental Design 4B. A simple 3-unit class, get ready to be the most knowledgeable at the table at your next family dinner!

11. Anthro R5B

Average Grade: A- If you’re like most students on campus, you’ll need to fulfill the second-half of your reading requirement in order to graduate. Anthro R5B takes the cake in the highest grade average out of all possible classes for the requirement. A class based on the study of anthropological literature, seems like a good way to make you sound smart!


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