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1. Finding your Clique

The humungous number of students in Berkeley may be intimidating at times. However, this can be a + too. Berkeley offers many student activities and organizations. Cal Quidditch is a prime example that shows the diversity in Cal. With so many options, one can definitely find a group that makes them “click”. Nevertheless, one must still take the initiative and get out there to explore. 

2. Knowing Where and When

The Berkeley campus is extremely large and the furthest class from one end to another can take about 40 minutes! Thus, knowing the location of your classes is a must. P.S. Google Maps can be helpful.

3. Leave the Books and Spread your Presence

Despite the times when one may feel “small” to Berkeley, one can change that! Find time to leave the books and spread your presence! Attend the different plays of your peers. Find a part-time job or internship. Cheer at Berkeley’s athletic events. These little instances of your presence will make you feel “big”.

4. Treat Yourself

After any accomplishment, treat yourself to some goodies. Berkeley has many places to get delicious snacks and treats! Go to Tacos Sinoloa for a Burrito or walk down Telegraph to Murracci’s for Japanese Curry. Yum!

5. Look Above Again…

Isn’t this a great last tip! Look again at the previous 4 tips as they really do smoothen your journey in the jungle. The once small you will now feel pretty big!


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